The New-Man from Old


One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting
to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

— Andre Gide

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It was said a long, long time before in ancient times by a wise soothsayer, “Therefore the He-on-High will give you a sign, the brightest star in the night which lights the way:  The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a boy, and will call Him New-Man.

OB-GYN Examination Room

A fiber optic camera observes a five-month-old male fetus as he gently floats, weightless, suspended in the amniotic fluid of his mother’s womb. We focus on the unborn’s hand, already a tiny, exquisite work of art, moving towards his newly formed lips. He sucks his thumb.

Hospital Delivery Room
The seconds old baby boy New-Man — umbilical cord still attached, smeared with blood and protective skin grease — is held up by an anonymous pair of latex gloves to the camera. Shocked by the unaccustomed light and cool of the delivery room, the newborn fights for his first, arduous breath. Following almost immediately… a cry.

From another angle we see the crying infant on a television screen, seen by expectant millions around the world! They had been waiting for this birth, this night, for a very long time. Other teachers known as Magi come from far, far away to pay New-Man homage. Why? New-Man is the highest of all leaders ever, here to show once and for all the Way to paradise through extraordinary miracles now and after death, forever!

Childhood Homes — Bethmayhem & Nazasporin, GE, Palestone County
New-Man the toddler was immediately in danger. Because He and his parents were incredibly popular, the highest Nielsen-ratings ever recorded! Commercial sponsors everywhere were paying top-dollar for direct or indirect slots on the show! Mr. Bigley, the local leader of the tri-county area including Gaylee (GE), Palestone County, could NOT STAND having his fame and limelight shared by some infant-toddler that could almost speak on the same intellectual level as Mr. Bigley! Following the long-standing Imperial Pax Romana tradition of self-protection and perpetuation, Mr. Bigley already had several family members and in-laws eliminated. For this new toddler-threat, Mr. Bigley ordered that all little boys throughout the tri-county area, including Bethmayhem and Nazasporin, be removed! No one was going to steal His Majesty’s throne!

Much Bigger Than A Throne
For decades since arriving in Palestone County, Mr. Bigley listened non-stop to stories and rumors about a coming Rescuer for all the oppressed citizens of Gaylee, Palestone and Joedaya counties and beyond the seas. This coming “Rescuer” called New-Man has been talked about among the subjugated Hipparues for at least 1,000 years! In fact, top Hipparue officials say at least ten principal ancient predictions were fulfilled/confirmed by New-Man’s birth. Four of those ten undeniably astronomical and specific:

  1. Born in Bethmayhem
  2. Born from a virgin woman
  3. A massacre of hundreds or thousands of boys in and around Bethmayhem due to him
  4. A galactic quasar would lead Magi from the distant east to him

These four astonishing fulfilled predictions from many centuries earlier, along with 40 more, possibly 300 more predictions, has never been remotely possible by any man past, present, and most likely ever in the future. The enormity of these fulfillments can never be overstated. This “New-Man” was like none other. Further still, not only did this infant boy have centuries of desperate expectations by his Hipparue people and THE MOST unique one-of-a-kind cosmic nights of birth, but some ten, eleven years later New-Man made an even wider impression as a boy upon his wisest adult leaders inside the capital of Joedaya in the Hipparue Auditorium #II. For about 3-days New-Man utterly amazed and astounded all the high-ranking auditorium officials with his questions and answers!


If his centuries long and foretold coming wasn’t enough, if his one-in-a-million cosmic birth by a quasar bringing Magi from afar wasn’t enough, if his designation as New-Man from the one on High along with all its meaning wasn’t enough, if the local Mr. Bigley’s hunt and slaughter of hundreds-to-thousands of innocent boys was not big enough, now over those three days in front of all those high-ranking leaders inside Auditorium #II surely made his young face, super-human wisdom, his name, and his family background known all throughout the region and across the seas! Some were already claiming his “divine” nature, as well they should. This sort of long expectant news and chatter spreads very fast! Everyone in the land would know who New-Man was the minute he walked into a room or entered town, no doubt about it. After all, those previous 12-years were Earth-shattering!

Then Nothing — Total Silence, Total Indifference by Everyone Everywhere!
Yes, this is indeed how the story goes. You are in the middle of your favorite dessert, not even one-third into it and it is yanked out from under your chin while you still hold your spoon in the air about to scoop-up another bite. Whoosh! It is truly the epitome of a “never saw that coming” moment! A plot-twist that fooled/fools every single person who ever met New-Man and/or his parents, or ever heard the remarkable prediction-fulfillments of centuries long expectant news. Vanishes, supposedly never to be heard from or seen again for seventeen years! Gone. Huh? Yes, poof… into total nothingness, silence, and indifference by all New-Man’s fanatics, admirers, enemy or allied leaders, Magi or scholars of the day. Suddenly, no one cares anymore! Seriously? Are you as baffled by and suspicious of this bombshell as I am?

Are you asking the same question(s) as I did? I’m very curious, what is it/are they?

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Live Alive! — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

Should you have any further interest in additional incongruencies of folklored Christianity and its obscured origins and testaments, read these following op-eds:

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88 thoughts on “The New-Man from Old

  1. Dang again something right there in front of my eyes and I missed. All those stupid hours in chapel and mandatory bible class and I just accepted that after putting all those adults firmly in their place as a smarty pants preteen, he just disappears until adulthood. Juvenile detention? Indentured servitude? What do the Amish have, Rumspringa? Shaked up with a wild man / woman until the brood drove him to scamming? Thanks Professor this does open my blurry morning eyes. I need a coffee, stat. Hugs

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    • Thanks Scottie. You are right, it does (SHOULD?) open up 2.2-billion eyes! Well, technically that’s 4.4 unless there are those with just one eye or no eyes for whatever reason. But these events and biblical exegesis don’t require sight to figure out the glaring problems with boy-wonder just VANISHING and no one suddenly cares, right? If that really were true Scottie, that is like saying our POTUS has disappeared (for 17-years!), says or does NOTHING of great importance whatsoever for anyone anywhere after all the fantastic hoop-lah, and NO ONE bothers to put out an Amber Alert! WTF?

      What does that say about His (New-Man’s) true historical nature for 28-29 years? 🤔

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      • Professor Taboo,
        I got into deep troubles even before mentioning the New-Man.
        My crime, as it were, was at age 13/14 stating that is was all the fault the the buy-bull doG. HE planted “that’ tree then told the first people (assuming we accept that story) to NOT eat the fruit of said tree. I nearly got excommunicated from the Lutheran church for that. I told my Dad that I’d wear that excommunication as a badge of honor. He knew I would have done so. He told me that same day that he felt I no longer needed to attend church or Sunday school. My Dad was my first hero long before that day and still is, even though he died November 1980.
        Thank you for your look at the New-Man story, very interesting.

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        • Hmm, interesting SoM. You could not have possibly been reading this post “for the last two days.” Check the date (up top) of the post, you’ll find that it was only published today — at 3:30am CDT to be exact. See, I really do believe that it is too early in the morning for you. Do try and come back later after two ACTUAL days 😉 and reread it. If it still doesn’t register, read the comments.

          …trying to discredit the exist of Jesus with a fairy tale.

          Again, it must be too early for you. You couldn’t be further from the truth SoM, sorry. This has nothing to do with the existence of Jesus. As I mentioned to Scottie above, it has to do with the true historical nature (“incarnation” — to make it easy for you) of Jesus. An intelligent person who studies very closely the “Messianic prophecies” in the Old Testament in relation to Jesus’ first 12-years in the Gospels and its extraordinary astronomical folklore, would also be (or should be!) utterly baffled as to WHY no one cared, wrote about, even chattered about this 1,000 year coming Messiah for at least 17-years! But assuming the Gospels are perfectly true in inference and narration, then in reality the first 28-29 years weren’t really that big a deal. Hence, the doctrine of incarnation is simply folklore (symbolism & allegory only) and as was common place in Antiquity, the concept of a divine Emperor/Messiah is a typical Greco-Roman concept as it was with many other regions and empires before and of that time. Get it?

          Nevertheless SoM, you are indeed entitled to your own personal opinions. 🙂

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          • Good Professor,

            I just hate it when someone like you catches me in a shameless lie!

            Nevertheless, I must say that though you aren’t my huckleberry you certainly are my Jeremiah…

            …as in, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine.

            Honestly, I am not trolling.

            I really do not understand the post. I can’t link it to any experience (physical or metaphysical) I’ve ever had.

            It’s like that time many moons ago when I walked into a class to take the final exam.

            And upon looking at the final exam I thought I’d walked into the wrong classroom.


            • Your personal opinion and taste in Three Dog Night I can give a grin. 👍 However, perhaps you are not even on the correct campus? I’ll stop there with that satirical analogy. 😆

              Although, how much salt should I or anyone else reading these/your comments, specifically your shameless lie today, place on your words and opinions in the future? One pound? A wheel-barrow full? A salt mine? 😉

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            • Good Professor,

              “My opinions are usually based on natural law theory, political science developed by Machiavelli and the American Founders.

              With such a magnificent foundation what are a few brazen lies among friends?

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            • Professor Taboo,

              I think what really became evident in our conversation is the vast divide between “normal” people who are heirs to the Western Heritage and people like you who call themselves secular humanists and reject outright, our Western Heritage.


            • Hmm, and you bring more to light. 😄 Goodness…

              I’ll correct you on your inaccurate tacit assumption about MY OWN personal “Western Heritage.” LOL Not sure how you came up with that or what you are basing it on, but if you’d actually READ most of my posts and ALL of my pages, not just 3-5 comments splattered about different WordPress blogs, you would deduce (hopefully?) that you cannot stereotype me with such broad strokes as YOU lethargically like to do or perhaps within your current capacities. Since you have shown repeatedly over the last several months you are NOT a person who asks questions and waits on full answers before starting your conjecturing, I will help clear things up for you. Then if you don’t understand or have some sense of decent humility regarding human imperfections, ask more questions! It’s simple. Nevertheless, let me help you out.

              First and foremost, I consider myself a Freethinking Humanist — see my page called Freethinking Humanist underneath my About menu. LOL To be more concise and helpful, if someone is truly curious enough to want to know WHO I am, and they ask me several/many questions, particularly about what I believe in life and the world, I typically answer “I am a human from planet Earth.” That way I at least found some UNDENIABLE common ground for us to work with! Or I will gladly divulge what I am. Brilliant, huh? 😉 Please try to ponder all possible implications of my Earthly self-description, ok? Beyond that, I’ve never found any other serious need, much less a social requirement, to further distinguish myself in exclusive methods or further labelling EXCEPT when it comes to my personal family geneology or heritage. Now calm down SoM. I know I really need to explain to you what THAT means before you go slapping labels and descriptions prematurely, again. LOL

              My Franco-German family geneology/heritage, like many other human families, 😆 stretching back to the early 1600’s on my maternal side, the late 1700’s on my paternal side, DOES NOT fit very well at all into YOUR definition of “Western Heritage.” You wouldn’t know this SoM because not only have you never asked — much less read the 2-3 posts I’ve written about my family geneology/heritage — you’ve never mentioned anything about WHERE, WHEN, WHY, or HOW my family emigrated from Europe to the northeastern U.S. and to the Republic of Texas (i.e. pre-Union). Both sides of my family left Europe because of several “Western Civ” ideals, philosophies, and cultures! They left European wars, persecution, massacres, inequality, prejudice, bigotry, and several other horrendous social traits often nurtured by “Western ideals.” Now my family sees the same mentalities, elitist paradigms, and socioeconomic problems infecting the U.S., especially the Confederate South, Upper Mountain states, and much of the Midwest.

              Again, if you had bothered to read most of my posts and ALL of my pages, or here’s a novel idea: ASK… 😆 you’d realize your premature stereotyping was wrong. I think what you might be trying to describe are our (vast?) personal differences in ideologies, human nature, and the observable world. But that isn’t unusual because most of the world and its inhabitants are different in a plethora of endless ways! For me, that is a VERY GOOD thing!

              Anyway, hope this helps you gain better clarity on my real and long historical family heritage. Unless you are going to apologize for your presumption(s) SoM, there’s no need to respond or continue this thread. You can be frustratingly exhausting sometimes with your snippy short-sighted comments, yes, I understand. But I harbor no ill-feelings toward you and your mistakes. We are all quite human. LOL Have a great day sir. 🙂

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            • Professor Taboo,

              You are a product of postmodern secular humanism.

              The only thing unclear and hard to decipher is what you write as it is basically unintelligible.

              But you do that on purpose because it is more important to appear like the brightest person in the room then to make the complex simple and easily understood.


            • (sigh) 😔

              And again, still no questions, only your constant personal opinions. And what are you a product of SoM? LOL Are you any different? You either cannot or refuse to try and understand others SoM. To do that you ASK QUESTIONS, not labelling or judging people. Disappointing, but not surprising.

              This has concluded. Thanks for your participation.

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            • Professor,

              All I tell you are the facts.

              Your tactic is to reduce the facts to personal opinion in order to discredit them.

              You are the one who operates on personal opinion since there is no natural basis for your thinking.


            • Good Professor,

              I did ask a question at the very beginning and you blew me off.

              You prove that the postmodern mind lives in an eternal present.

              Past remarks are beyond memory and you just make it all up as you go.


  2. Aw, c’mon, picky, picky, picky. The guys writing the back story got sick in one of those really common epidemics back then and, while they prayed to be cured, they all died, and nobody picked up the slack. If you’ll just wait a bit, I am sure a new biblical archaeological discovery will be made filling in these gaps in the scripture records, as soon as those documents can be created, er, found.

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  3. Not sure if it counts, but I was attacked by a particularly ferocious kangaroo just an hour or so after my First Holy Communion. So much for “Jesus is your wingman now, lad!” Something, self-evidently, wasn’t exactly right with that proclamation 😉

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    • Hahaha! Now John, everyone knows that when around ferocious Roos awaiting to ambush fresh, unsuspecting holy communers you CAN’T just go summoning your “Wingman” any ole time you need Him! C’mon lad, His plans, reasons, and providence are way above you, Roos, and anyone else who think they have all the wrong answers! Or they could be right answers too. And when no one can agree, well son… that’s called Faith! 😆 😇

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    • Haha… I like that narrative as well Jeff. 😉 An equally creative story to fill-in the huge gap!

      On a bit of a serious note however, and kindly bear with me a minute… two things were going on in my own years in the church, seminary, and Christendom by those inside scholars/ministers saying:

      #1 — It is critical to focus primarily on the final 3-years of Jesus’ life; a diversion and deemphasis, if you will.

      #2 — And quit asking so many questions! That is NOT conducive to necessary, holy, blind faith. Let all of Christendom continue to pull the wool over our eyes, shut up, and obey.

      For me personally, that was the only necessary question I had if they (scholars, ministers, apologists, etc.) expected me to still believe ANYTHING about his 1,000 years of Messianic prophetic divination, the nativity, or his quick Man-God wisdom at 12-years old. What is wrong with independent verifications or actual plausible, numerous forms of evidence to support the whereabouts? There’s not a modern law-enforcement agency today that would allow or blow-off such a “well-known celebrity divine teenager” or To-be-King to drop off the map completely. Pffffft, even a Jewish boy’s years between 13 and 29 are critical for his education and continued covenant with YAHWEH. This most definitely includes his teachers/rabbis and those rabbis (e.g. Gamaliel, Shammai, Shimon Hatzadik of Antiquity) that speak about or give reports about the progress of their students or arch rivals and opponents. Marriage was expected between 16- and 24-years of age, and by 20 earning a living. All of this WHILE ALSO being not a son, but “the Son of God.” Hmmmmm. 🤔

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        • One of the most brilliant traits of modern Homo sapiens are their abilities to ask questions, explore, examine, build, take apart, rebuild, and have peers (independent peers too) review and refine them all. The higher levels of cognition are abstract thought, concepts, and theories along with the ability to time-travel… or in other words, project what MIGHT possibly or probably occur in the near future through controlled testing. One of the most DETRIMENTAL aspects would be to suppress or forbid or outlaw such profound progress. That said however, some groups can over-question, intentionally casting doubt in the minds of the gullible. I think today, this is humanity’s biggest challenge, especially America’s, with understanding and recognizing knowledge and or versus ignorance, i.e. Agnotology.

          Thanks for the comments Jeff!

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          • Yes. A YUUGE problem, as I see it, is false equivalency. “Since everything can be questioned, all opinions and ideas are equally, or potentially equally, correct.” This is not so, and it is not remotely helpful to believe so. If I need open heart surgery, I’m going to take the advice and skills of a heart surgeon over those of some dude who’s not gone to medical school who has an opinion on how to perform my surgery. 🙂

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  4. I have only needed to do this twice to two people in 7-years. In the interest of full disclosure for anyone concerned and following the discourse here, I have placed SoM’s (SilenceofMind) comments into moderation because of his persistence in agitation or refusal to dialogue productively in equal measures and respect to the topics and other participants here and on previous posts. This is a measure I sometimes must employ in my classrooms concerning disruptive students. On occasion it is necessary for the integrity of the subject and Q&A. I think you’ll agree.

    If anyone here feels I might be untimely in this decision, I am sincerely open to their thoughts on the matter and possible reinstatement of SoM’s unmoderated comments. I honestly do not like to strictly moderate anyone until I think it becomes necessary based on their behavioral history.

    Thank you for your considerations. 🙂

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    • I have been following your conversation here and I have been trying to have one with SoM on Arks blog. I just gave up. His responses were simply chances for him to either state his bias as fact and to go on a personal attack. I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t get him to see just because he stated it did not make it true, especially when compared to the many sourced comments others were leaving. I think I wasted about three hours.
      Be well. Tired hugs

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      • I do understand Scottie. I’ve watched your attempts with him as well, there and on other various blogs and it does seem pointless. We try to be fair and civil, offering everyone a voice, BUT eventually if there’s no improvement or no sincere effort to maintain DISCUSSION via Q&A — not an additional platform/podium for closed propaganda; he has that with his own blog — then as I’ve done with many disruptive students in my classrooms, I suspend their “free speech” privileges until their behavior changes. Hopefully this will only be temporary because…

        “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
        — Noam Chomsky

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  5. I heard that at age nearly 13 New-Man was kidnapped by a group of horny *Wiki grannies in tie-dyed T Grateful Dead T-shirts( *Wiki: similar to Wiccans but more geeky) in a VW bus heading for the latest Woodstock festival on Max Yahweh’s farm where the New-Man resurrected Jimi Hendrix and reserected Himself , much to the delight of the Wikkin grannies.
    They experienced the second coming first-hand. He was released at around age thirty where he was found wandering along the road mumbling, ”My god, my god, why has my foreskin achin’ me.”

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        • I’ll check it out Ark. Btw, thanks for the comment here and your intelligent feedback throughout my ‘controversial‘ posts. 😉 I’ve noticed with the majority of the contentious opposition we receive on these particular topics that apologists quickly or very quickly turn the discussion/debate PERSONAL when it has nothing to do with secularists, but EVERYTHING to do with the historical evidence, textual veracity, cognitive processes (especially via social influences/pressure), and merely the observable world/Nature around us. Your thoughts?

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          • It’s often difficult for it not to become personal as the views expressed are often a reflection of the individual’s personal point of view, and if one criticizes then indirectly one is ”having a go” at that person.

            ”I love Hendrix’s music.”
            ”Oh, I think Jimi Hendrix’s music is crap. Just a load of bloody noise.”

            The tacit implication being that the first speaker has no understanding of music if he/she listens to ”crap music” that is nothing but a ”noise”. It doesn’t much alter the implication if dressed up in more erudite language, either.

            However, whereas music is generally a matter of personal taste, like all art forms, many of those who have deconverted from a religion often acknowledge how embarrassed and ashamed they initially felt for not only accepting such beliefs as fact but for trying to evangelize the world as well! I have noted Dan Barker express similar sentiments and also one or two former Christians here in Blogsville. I am guessing many deconverts have similar feelings once they kick religion into touch.

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            • Agree with all of that wholeheartedly Ark. Like many deconverts I know both in person and in our blog-o-sphere, I too have those regrets to an extent. However, having been raised by an Agnostic father, then converted full-on 110% — primarily because approaching God and Christianity is near impossible(?) to do intellectually — to see, to test, then having FAITH that the Holy Trinity would somehow SPEAK and ACT in my life and around it. I thought that was totally fair then, still do now. That was a 110% effort for almost 10-years, then another 12-years further researching, examining, dissecting the major incongruencies, problems, half-truths & half-lies throughout Scripture that was suppose to be the cornerstones of all the theology. That house of cards inevitably collapsed, permanently. Why permanently? Because of 300+ years of fragmentation, fighting, exegetical controversies, followed by a permanent Canonization of it all; closed, nothing more added, modified, or deleted according to “Church authorities.”

              Today, having been on the deep inside of Christianity, I see that if given the genuine, curious, civil time to discuss the Scriptures and the tricky theology with wavering Christians, I can be a huge help! In that sense, I have no regrets for those 22-years of my life.

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            • It seems that your deconversion was down to personal drive for the truth rather than having to-and-fro blog fights with non-believers! 🙂
              Discussing similar things with someone such as Mel seems a fools errand on the face of it, as he does not appear to be in that right head space where honest inquiry is uppermost on his agenda.
              However, such discussions do bring a lot of interesting people to the table and for me, there is always a ton of stuff to learn through such discussions, and the flurry of research I often hare off and indulge in afterwards.
              Loads of fun!

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            • Again, I find myself agreeing with you Ark. For many/most(?) Believers or Faith-followers, given that Christianity & Christians are a nickle or penny a dozen around here in Texas and the U.S., it is just way too risky (socially and occupationally) and way too image-demeaning for them to deconvert and be so honestly seeking ALL TRUTHS, not just within their little bubble around them. “Bubble” as in area, state, region, and to some extent the U.S. only. Seriously, I’ve been finding the last 15-years around faith-followers daily or weekly that it has less to do with “truths” and much more to do with “How will this help/hurt me now and in the foreseeable futures?” For some it is utterly horrifying to be in the minority or solo! :/

              But the reality is that there are no dragons out here in the seas of thrilling life! 😉

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    • Yeah, these sorts of “prophets” and interpreters of prophetic biblical passages have been going on since the 3rd – 1st century BCE… and yet, we are still here. But the fact remains that as much as science, particularly astrophysics and cosmology, has taught us about Earth, our Sun, our Solar System, the Milky Way, et al, it’s a NO BRAINER that planet Earth and most all of the inner planets are going to one day be consumed by our Sun, or Earth will be hit by a catastrophic asteroid. This isn’t rocket science… well, it sorta is, but you get the point. 😉

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  6. Start the discussion? No, I will end it p.f. because I pity your spiritual understanding which is nonexistent.

    Enjoy the comments of some very good people regarding your lopsided view of God and scripture.


      • @PT
        Opinion? Ha.

        Your lame excuse was crushed by the link provided which quote by yourself was proved as it was:

        Empty of truth. Nice work erasing the relevance. Atheism truly is a pathetic excuse for intellect.

        I make no apology for upholding God’s word against such nonsense such as you bring.

        I suggest your friends read what you had no use for.


        • Yes, you are giving your personal opinion. To help put that in proper perspective CS, if you had exclusive rights to most all truth, most all social norms, morals, or ethics, then you and Christianity would be the one and only (overly?) dominate religion in the world. However, that is NOT the case, even after some 2,000 years it is not the case. In fact, only around 29% of the world calls themselves “Christian.” And even that figure is generous because Christianity is very fragmented amongst its own followers. Therefore, yes, you are sharing your personal opinions.

          I know you know CS that we completely disagree on all aspects of each other’s belief-systems. Let’s leave it at that. Consider this your first polite caution before commenting further. Thank you.

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          • Polite caution Prof? Now I’m laughing. You will be just one more person whose commentary and dismissal of God will be added to the scrapyard of biblical ignorance.

            Who cares that percentages of people have no interest in truth? As if God is subject to popular opinion.

            But one thing I do know. I am not ‘banned’ for impoliteness or off topic, or lewd and vulgar commentary or pics………..such as is the normal procedure of the godless, nope, I am banned because God’s word has never lost a single argument. Never. And people cannot stand such scorching confidence as opposed to the guesswork of atheism and false science.


            • Hmmmm.

              It is YOU who are mocking Bethlehem, it is YOU who are mocking magi……… in this very post……….it is YOU who is mocking the virgin……….

              …..yet you are too shallow or intentionally blind to notice that my commentary puts yours in its rightful place of irrelevance?

              You speakem withem forked tonguem kimosobi.

              But I’ll see your warning and raise you. 😉


            • See the comment for you below. It is best for you and everyone else concerned here. You’re welcome to use YOUR blog CS for your arrogant personal opinions. 🙂 This post here was satirical offered with some known historical ideas/concepts for readers to consider, think seriously upon, based on the bible’s errors, incongruencies, omissions, and contradictions.

              Have a good day and week CS.

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  7. I’m just going to copy/paste my previous comment regarding SoM here for CS above…

    I have only needed to do this twice [now 3-times] to [three] people in 7-years. In the interest of full disclosure for anyone [still] concerned and following the discourse here, I have placed SoM’s (SilenceofMind) [and ColoringStorm’s] comments into moderation because of [their] persistence in agitation or refusal to dialogue productively in equal measures and respect to the topics and other participants here and on previous posts. This is a measure I sometimes must employ in my classrooms concerning disruptive students. On occasion it is necessary for the integrity of the subject and Q&A. I think you’ll agree [again, based on CS’ comments above].

    If anyone here feels I might be untimely [again] in this decision, I am sincerely open to their thoughts on the matter and possible reinstatement of SoM’s [and CS’] unmoderated comments. I honestly do not like to strictly moderate anyone until I think it becomes necessary based on their behavioral history.

    Thank you for your considerations everyone. My ears & eyes are open… to all but three 🙂 until the time they can adequately demonstrate civil, adult discourse.

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    • You do very well Professor (as do Ark and John to name but two others) with the (often aggressive and abusive in language if one does not agree with them) religious folks who come here to blatently ignore any points being made. By the many, many, many Gods you really do.

      – Esme grinning as she sits with several of them upon the Cloud. They are all utterly horrified of course. And it isn’t at us.


  8. Professor, I have an online friend who has an adult son. The son has mental illness problems. He refuses to take any of his medications for his mental state. He is not able to deal with the reality we all experience. The world is greatly different for him. It is not just his opinion is different, he sees reality different. Things we know and see as happening are in his world done completly different. Things said are not said, things done are not done and the reverse. So as he is an adult, he lives on the street by his choosing and bounces in and out of jail / prison. He calls his father, and it breaks his father’s heart because he can not get through to him and can not help him. The father is in as great a pain from this situation as his child.

    I mention all of the above because it reminds me so much of ColorStorm. The whole thing including us not being able to help him. The desire to want to find a way to fix his broken ability to understand / live / deal with reality is huge, yet he lives in a world of delusion only he can see. I am sure ColorStorm will vehemently disagree with my comparison, and my compassion. To me he is my friend’s son, unable to process the world for what is and sadly stuck in a place we can not reach. Sad hugs.

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    • Having worked in the Psych/A&D field for years, as well as in Special Ed/Needs for middle and high school students… that is an excellent, apropos analogy Scottie. Mental-illness is a much bigger, much wider, much subtle or blatant manifested behavior than most of society are remotely aware. That includes every single nation and culture on the planet, no exceptions. And you bring up another implicit point Scottie! 🙂

      It would be no surprise whatsoever that if all 5.5 – 6-billion(?) teenagers and adults on Earth all took extensive psych evaluations, that every single person, including me (and I’ve actually done 3-4 for a more accurate self-impression compared to others), would have some degree of a disorder or disorders from very minor — i.e. doesn’t significantly effect their lives, family, job, or society — to highly dysfunctional and a high-risk to themself, family, job, and society. This hypothetical exhaustive evaluation of every single human would certainly include all psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental-health counselors too! So how best do we determine precisely WHO has a mental disorder? By cumulative, licensed, well-educated experts; the more the better, and observable behavior of the person(s) in question.

      This same conceptual method of determination also applies in other human affairs, like the one I explained to CS: his personal paradigm is only (barely?) a part of 29% of the entire population. And I guarantee you that many of that 29% who also consider themselves “Christian” would disagree with CS on several/MANY points of belief, ESPECIALLY his “Christian” behavior online! This is true because of the 2,000 year history of record. Period.

      Thank you Scottie for this excellent feedback! ❤

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    • Beautiful analogy Scottie, and yes, it is compassion you speak from, not scorn, and it is sad. Trying to change that state of reality is like bashing your head against a brick wall again and again- the wall remains.

      – Esme sending hugs upon the Cloud

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  9. Seventeen years. Maybe a quick holiday in Heaven with daddy before the real business started?
    Now, was there any purpose in all this prophesy and preparation if the whole Original Sin idea is invalid?. If not, then that can be discounted, because the Genesis story is quite obviously a bundle of hogwash to anyone who engages it with any part of a functioning mind.

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    • A possible explanation Colonialist. The New Testament certainly doesn’t make it clear or plausible, that’s for sure. Which makes it all even MORE suspect, to put it overly politely.

      “Original Sin” — at least in my mind after my 10-12 extensive years of the Fundy-Evangy Xian life, ministry, and seminary — with regard to Yeshua/Jesus is in hindsight a Hegelian-Kant-Fichte Dialectic. To say it another way, manufacture a (false) problem, then a reaction to that fake problem, then manufacture the solution and popularize it. In Antiquity, especially if the Roman Empire backed you up, this wasn’t difficult at all to coerce the solution upon the masses when faced by Roman armour, gladius, shield, and Contubernium Cohort (or bigger) advancing down upon you! LOL 😳

      Furthermore, over the last century or two Antiquity and biblical scholars say it has become glaringly obvious that Hellenist-Pauline Christology COMPLETELY distorts and misunderstands Jewish Messianism. The two are nothing alike, really. So you can’t hijack someone’s history and traditions when it was never yours!

      Thank you very much Colonialist for your comment! Please feel free to come by again.

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  10. I just heard a young atheist on YouTube say that god has demanded the punishment of millions placed forever, eternities of time in hell. Yet Jesus gets a three day nap and it is called paying the price for all of us for all that time in hell, when it never says he went to hell. Makes one wonder about the whole Jesus paying the price of our sins when the two are not even similar. Hugs

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    • Read my Professor’s Netiquette page and learn internet/blogging manners and courtesies.

      Next, for anyone else reading these comments, here is why Leroy has been in Moderation (near banning actually!) for over 1-year. Read his comments and my responses:

      In this full comment (found in the link above) and many others on other various posts/pages I gave Leroy warning after warning after warning until he went way over the line with these two comments, verbatim:

      “I would blame it on the female sensibility. Sometimes when you tell a female to shut-up and listen they do not take it too well, so, the broken ones don’t anyway. So she banned me. There always has to be hierarchy and it starts with Christ, then man, then women. It’s a circle, complete and perfect perfectness.”

      “I don’t really give a shit about you two dumb-asses either but I thought I should give an explanation, kind of bros-before-hoes kind of thing. I mean, for me, I would trust my life to you two guys if under fire, before any shit-for-brains female like Nan.”

      Your words and ideology are completely wrong and intolerable! Period. I asked you Leroy for an apology. Now it must be an unconditional, genuinely remorseful apology for my readers, for all women, and for Nan. You STILL have not given one, not even a poor attempt at one. Therefore, until that specific 3-part apology has been given by you, yes, you DESERVE to be in Moderation at the very least and likely banned. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m just trying to be real.

        It started with Nan inviting me, from John’s site, to comment on a post she wrote. I would have never went to her site and commented on my own.

        It all went south when she started editing my comments, leaving stuff out. Then came the threats of being banned. Much like you’ve done.

        I will admit towards the end there I got the impression she regretted inviting me to comment. I don’t think she really wants any kind of disagreement on her blog, just like minded people patting her on the back and agreeing with everything. So, I am sorry that I upset her. It’s just that some people are so invested in their beliefs that when someone puts forth a compelling argument against it they really get upset.

        I suppose this reply will also either get edited or not approved since I imagine it will not fit your “genuinely remorseful” requirement. I am sorry I went to her blog and upset her but I am not sorry for anything I’ve written on your site.

        Don’t worry Prof, I’ll just chalk it up to the liberal-sensibility and move on…


        • You just don’t get it. 😔

          Allowed his last comment to demonstrate the man’s offensive arrogance and to state the following:

          You have it all distorted Leroy and your comments show it. You have missed the entire point of your offensive misogyny in your attempt to deflect the truth of what you’ve said. You can’t or won’t admit you were blatantly wrong. It is you Leroy with all the childish issues, childish intellect, and childish mouth, let alone the misogynistic insensitivity toward women who are much more decent humans than you. Right now, in my opinion, and based upon how you have treated others different than you with your childish word-tantrums… you are a sad example of human decency. I’ve dealt with many psych patients in my life and I pity you honestly. You need professional help.

          Thus, I am more than happy to part ways, permanently bid you farewell, and hope that one day very soon you will recognize your immature psychological pathology and try to join the mature courteous part of the human race. I implore you to correct your problem(s) and not die a miserable man/boy. Good luck.


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