Earth: She Gives, She Takes

Just like as in a nest of boxes round,
Degrees of sizes in each box are found:
So, in this world, may many others be
Thinner and less, and less still by degree:
Although they are not subject to our sense,
A world may be no bigger than two-pence.
Nature is curious, and such works may shape,
Which our dull senses easily escape:
For creatures, small as atoms, may there be,
If every one a creature’s figure bear.
If atoms four, a world can make, then see
What several worlds might in an ear-ring be:
For, millions of those atoms may be in
The head of one small, little, single pin.
And if thus small, then ladies may well wear
A world of worlds, as pendents in each ear.

—— Margaret Cavendish,Of Many Worlds in This World

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Music: “Ocean” by Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian from the album, Lamentation of Swans:  A Journey Towards Silence


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26 thoughts on “Earth: She Gives, She Takes

    • Yes. And absolutely our human sensory-receptors are limited and there’s compelling evidence that shows those sensory-receptors we never use or use very rarely, go dull; perhaps disappear. Did you know Jim that the traditional popular idea of 5 human senses is wrong? Many neurologists say it’s at least 9 probably more, maybe as many as 21! Think about that! Then think about the ones you ARE NOT USING and probably losing. 🤔

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  1. OK Professor , I think you are *fucking* with me! Well maybe that is simply my daydream. Let me start by saying that I have not been able to get to everyone blogs lately due to.. ( porn ) or ( bad news on my health and dealing with it ) So here I set aside a block of time for one of the famous Professor lecturers, which I know all universities wish they could afford. I steal my mind for the assault of information which will pour in with no filters causing nosebleeds, only if I am lucky.

    Then as I dissect each word for the hidden clues to ultimate knowledge I make the fatal flaw of looking at the pictures in the loop, and suddenly find my self drawn to the professor and being willing to summit to his will.

    Pull back people it is a trap! Then again what a sweet trap it is. I find myself falling into the pictures as they pass by. What a great post I find myself breathless trying to exclaim. As I drift off in fulfilled peace I know I was brought to this place by the Professor. And I still am a bit clueless as to the post, but I sure like the result.

    Hugs and lots of loves. Scottie

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    • Hahahahaha! WHAT A COMMENT! 😄

      I am going to take it all as a compliment and not bother apologizing for your first expectations being disappointed or dashed. The Professor is a kaleidoscope of facets: some days I’m in full cerebral mode, others in a mode of creativity and fine arts… with a glass of Malbec nearby. 😉 Then other days I’m in my inspired modes of dance and athleticism. And if I’m brutally honest here, there are those days I’m more melancholy if I dwell too much on current trends or those prevalent mainstream (vanilla) crowds who seem to careless about ingenuinty or eccentric fun and unabashed life (gag 🤢). So Scottie, I’m not always predictable am I? 😉

      Hugs for you as well Sir! ❤

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      • Oh celebrated Professor. Your different moods and phases are from what i hear known world wide, and an offering ( bribe ) of the finest wines are one of the smallest of prices to be paid for your attention. Mythology has it said that some who tried to entice you were surprised and then overcome with the fulfillment of their desires as you showed them their true inner-self. I am not sure of the paleontology, but there seems to be a lot of supporting documentation that you sir are the living embodiment of the uncontrolled god of pleasure in all its forms. I being a simple mortal cannot process nor attest to such a claim. But there are times in my quite hours I hear your call and ache to respond knowing I am far unworthy of one such as you..

        ❤😂🤣😍😉😎😜 Not sure which way I would end up with this Idea. But it sure came out as positive. Love you. Hugs

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        • So… am I to understand that you are slightly impressed by, slightly fond of the Professor? 😉 😄

          Seriously though, you are WAY TOO kind with your flowering sir. I cannot possibly be one in the same. LOL But thank you.

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      • I forgot to mention not only are you grand, you are in inspiration. Religious schools have you on a permanent band list because of what you inspire their students to do. They find it not only upsetting but dang right disrespectful. Such a load..I mean only in discharging ..Oops, maybe they will simply agree they will bow their head when passing you. Hugs

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      • Impressed by you is not even in doubt. Does NASA launch rockets. Is the north and south poles cold. Of course I am impressed by you and anyone who is not has had their genitalia dropped off due to them being unused or worse things. You are one of the three sexist things on the planet. Your biggest problem are schools would like you to not get too close as all the boys start playing with themselves in uncontrolled needs to… and the girls are moving in on them…

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      • Basically it is not a secret, it is my spine. I am struggling to keep the ability to walk. So it is back to right now every two months of shots into my spine for spinal blocks and into my back muscles for them to release and let me move more normally. They think they can keep me from losing the ability to to walk if I go back on drugs like Morphine. I will if I have to,( I took three today ) but I have three times taken my self off morphine in different strengths ( with doctors approval ) and now I am upset to know that a year later I have to go back on them to simply be able to walk. My doctor says surgery is not an option and could make my problems much worse.
        The real hurt, the thing that put me into depression, I had a dream of moving beyond my body limits to going on now to a job and doing like other people. But that is not going to be my life it seems. My wonderful husband Ron had not wanted to tell me but he has seen my deterioration and knew I wouldn’t have been able to go back to work. Have you ever been to a party and when talking to someone they ask, “what do you do” It basically is what job do you have. I hate that, what can I say? I am not employed. It is almost like a statement of your masculinity in today’s world. The nerves in both lower side of my back , but especially the left side from what I can understand from the MRI show the vertebrata both decaying and also catching the nerves in weird ways causing me not only intense pain, but unable to walk.

        On the plus side I just got back from the bedroom and my ability to please my husband is not in question and he was willing at one point to sing my praises to the heavens above. It might have been a bit more melodious on YouTube if he could have caught his breath at the time, but they say it is the thought that counts. 😜🤣😂😉😊😘😍 Loves and hugs

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  2. We learned in master gardening that nature and plants will be here long after the humanity will die off. So here. The intelligence of plants is superb and hopefully, we will learn one day from them. Can’t wait to hear about all 21 senses!

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    • Thank you Lyz! I’m happy you “loved” it. I had fun orchestrating the dynamic and complimenting it with one of my favorite music albums and artist too. If there is one thing that inspires me while humbling me at the same time, it is this astonishing planet we have been so very fortunate to call home… our ONLY home (right now 😉 ). If you have not travelled to other continents and cultures, do try your best to do so. You’ll never regret it! ❤


    • LOL… ashift, umm… could you be more vague, more mysterious please? 😄

      Is that “Oh yeah” as in shocked? Is that “Oh yeah” as in no, that isn’t right? Or is that “Oh yeah” as in you remembered you left the refrigerator door open? LOL


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