Being Wrong & Feeling Right: Two Parts

The influence of emotional-neurological highs on human cognition and behavior cannot be overstated anymore than they can be ignored or marginalized. Their impact on every aspect of social and political dynamics, from the individual to the global and all levels in between, can set events into a motion of ripple-effects for which there may be no recovery or recourse. A Warning! According to recent studies in sociology, anthropology, and neurology, being utterly wrong, overly arrogant, or psychopathic, while feeling good and right are typically symptoms of immoral and unethical traits accompanied by acute self-absorption, or enlarged egotism. Despite some modern popular trends it is not the definition of greatness, much less deserving exaltation.

Modern sciences of human behavior are learning, revealing and helping us to understand why people, ‘iconic’ personalities especially, repeatedly break their own ethical and moral codes, sometimes impervious to consequences of their actions.

Two significant manifestations (out of several) of this less than understood mental-personality disorder by the general public are sometimes referred to as a Cheater’s High and another is Denialism, possibly mild or disruptive degrees of Schizoid Personality Disorder.

I want to more closely elaborate on and examine these two manifestations in two separate blog-posts. First will be my post about the rising behaviors of marital infidelity, Cheating: More Fashionable & Popular! although historically it really is not a new or modern phenomena. Many centuries past it was relatively easier to behave unfaithfully without getting caught compared to high-tech societies of today.

The second post will be Truth, Denial & Phobia.” It will examine how denialism is surging in various ways of political, social, and scientific sectors of life. From the anti-vaccine movement and climate-change, to Flat-Earth or anti-Heliocentric movements, denialism has become a part and parcel counter-attack or counter-intelligence (if it can be called intelligence) by individuals and groups obsessed with self-preservation and public image, whether “threats” are real/factual, or not.

I would like to raise awareness and recognition of these human individual and/or group behaviors, disorders, and illnesses. The first post will be within 2-4 days. The second soon after. I hope you find both intriguing, informative, and provocative.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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13 thoughts on “Being Wrong & Feeling Right: Two Parts

    • HAH! Then you are going to like the next post LoR. 😉

      Instant gratification” is definitely a compulsive disorder and our American hyper-consumer-based and driven socioeconomic model does EVERYTHING to nurture/exacerbate those disorders and illnesses; has been since at least the Industrial Revolution and the off-n-on need or removal of Anti-Trust laws. Nevertheless, broader, higher-quality, and AFFORDABLE (more free for our youth?) primary, secondary, under-grad, and post-grad education are HUGE remedies for many nagging American problems.

      At the risk of oversimplifying here in this comment, another assessment and solution to the fragile and/or deteriorating institution of “traditional” marriage is to liberate it from forms of propriety, on every level, and deal with the individual’s/spouse’s jealousy, insecurities, poor articulation/communication skills, and the unnecessary (verbal or non-verbal) societal limits/restraints on “love” and its expression! And most importantly, raw honesty, honor, and a show of another’s (your spouse especially) inherent dignity. Simply put, being true to self and our own biology is also being true to others — and feelings are temporary, eventually manageable, and mutually negotiable. Duh, right? LOL

      As a species, we are a very gregarious bunch. We love and enjoy interaction, with other humans and other species! So WHY do we automatically put hard restrictions, No-No’s on relationships and marriage? It’s a funny, perplexing faux pas we put on ourselves and others — like shooting ourselves/others in the foot. 😄

      I look forward to your comments in the next post LoR. 🙂

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    • HAH! You are so right… and making me feel SO GOOD Jim! What a perfect “cause and effect”! Let the liberation and debauchery begin! 😄😈

      But it isn’t all about delightful libertine freedom, if I may have a second of seriousness. The second post, I hope will unveil some of the trickery of denial and phobias for what they really are: mind games. And often mind games agitating and in conflict with our bodies, specifically our neurology, endocrinology, and evolutionary genetics.

      Be sure to share your thoughts, questions, or disagreement in the upcoming posts! 😉

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  1. Sounds like Manchester United supporters and players. And the kit staff, and the Tea Lady.
    Oh, and also their mascot. And the coach driver. And Ferguson’s whippet.
    Not that I have anything whatsoever against United, you understand? As fine a bunch of upstanding hooligans citizens you are likely to meet (in a dark ally).

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    • Hahaha, it sounds as if you might have some firsthand experiences Ark. Some lifelong memories (scars? 🤭) with United fans, players, their mascot, a Tea Lady, coach driver, and Fergie’s whippet during your days (and nights) in the Northwest, back-n-forth on, off, through the M62, huh? I bet that’s worth a complimentary post to mine here!!! 😉


    • Oh? Thank you Lyz, and it’s great to see you again! 😍 If it isn’t too personal and prying, I’d be interested in understanding your situation(s) related to my topics. You are welcome to share here, on the next two posts, or via private email/messages. Or not. LOL Am thinking it might be constructive to have real-life examples and scenarios. 🙂


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