It’s Definitely Broke!

It has been a hard, long road of COVID-19 social-distancing, or as I sometimes call it: healthy anti-socializing. Leave public health and safety up to the masses, the general public and things WILL breakdown. It will crumble. Many things breakdown when a free democratic society is forced to behave, conform, and be smart for the greater good.

#1 — Complicated phone conversations — Try having a conversation with your significant other on your phone about 4-5 specific items on your shopping list, in a noisy supermarket, through your N95 mask. Broke.

#2 — Have said broken phone convo while in the middle of the 5-ft wide Female Bodycare aisle trapped by a couple on one end waiting on you to move… and a store clerk unpacking boxes at the other end! Mexican standoff. Headed to broke.

#3 — When I finally got out the door of the very busy supermarket I was super primed for solo alone time! Not good! That’s broke. We are meant to be with others. We are a gregarious primate creature! Needed prescription?

#4 — Go on a thrilling, circular, looping (loopy?) ride like NASCAR does jamming to your best aggressive, break-something, get-it-all-out, squirm-n-bounce dancing Playlist with all eight speakers bangin’ serious decibel levels so that no one will notice you! Que some of my kick-ass, COVID-apropos, sing-along tunes. Click Play then sing and jam with me…

After about 1-hour of driving around outer Dallas, singing my vocal-chords out, unable to hear with my broken eardrums the broken world outside, I did feel much better, almost euphoric. It was invigorating! Why? Because this/me could be a lot worse. I mean, I still have rhythm, I can snap my fingers, beat the steering-wheel, I can feel my toes, my fingers, and some of the 2-3 silver hairs I have left on my head and neck, and my ticker and ticker-manager organs still function fairly normal.

At least I don’t have a broken cup and crazy disobedient balls that won’t stay put in this pandemic! STOP IT! Get your minds out of the gutter already! How many balls do you have in your cup? Lost any? How many marbles do you have left in your brain?

Sometimes you just gotta say eff it - Imgur

See, things aren’t so bad. To the best of my knowledge at least I haven’t started losing all my balls/marbles… poor kid.


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always — Lose Some Balls

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22 thoughts on “It’s Definitely Broke!

  1. Oh that Gif was hilarious!

    I tried to play the song but it didn’t work for me.

    This whole anti socializing thing is a natural function for us. We have said fuck it to stupid people a long time ago, and I’m not sure many have noticed, but quite a few of em are stupid. So easy transition here.

    Where it does hurt is not practicing/playing, music. That’s killing me. We do have a couple of actual friends that will come over from time to time and we will play cards, or 10,000 (dice game) and have a few snorts and a toke or two. We don’t do that like we used to. But otherwise it’s business as usual ’round here. We were anti social before it was cool. 🙂

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    • Yes Shell, I know it must be torture not practicing/playing, your music. Dancing was my passion (besides playing drums/percussion) and I/we haven’t done ANY since early March. And one of our treasured dance clubs/halls, a Victorian Era old trolley car building, two-stories, was closed down permanently just 2-weeks ago. The Church, also known as The Lizard Lounge, had been hosting all sorts of Electronika, Industrial, Goth, Steampunk music events and BDSM and Burlesque events since 1994. The owner could not afford the monthly overhead (cuz of location) without being open every weekend and most holidays.

      Some major, big-time names/bands have played there, e.g. Nine Inch Nails and many others. These are truly unprecedented times.


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