Growing Variants

I am very happy to report that I finally qualify for my COVID-19 vaccines! My first (Pfizer) dose is scheduled for this Saturday, March 20 and my second dose Saturday, April 10. I am thrilled, to say the least!

But will my vaccinations be enough come April 30th, 2021? Or June 30th, 2021 when either the U.K. variant arrives in Texas and DFW (assuming it hasn’t already) or other future variants which mutate into a strand resistant to current vaccines? By the way, I have no idea WHY WordPress would not offer a button feature giving an Image with text wrap-around, so aesthetically this “block” looks utterly ridiculous!!! But hey folks, this isn’t my oversight. 🙄🤦‍♂️

Anyway, back to COVID-19 vaccinations and the stupidity that is Texas government by our Governor and his party. Prepare yourself my regular readers, I am not going to restrain my honest thoughts, opinions, or language for this post. I am tired and frustrated that a lethal virus turned world pandemic in the earliest stages whose impact could have been greatly lessened and its duration greatly shortened, was not achieved or even sought after. Most of all, thousands upon thousands of premature deaths by coronavirus, of all ages, never had to happen. Smarter prevention should have started as early as December 2019 or January 2020!

Oh, another thing. I am honestly sick and tired of blogging about this virus and the too many Americans and Texans not taking its effects and protections-against seriously. I so want to blog about other subjects, happier funnier, artful and intriguing subjects instead of this far reaching ripple-effects of a deadly virus. A virus that was politicized at the expense of ordinary families and individuals, i.e. America’s moderate, struggling or hard-hit, economically disadvantaged, middle and lower classes/demographic that make-up 85-90 percent of the U.S. population. They are the Americans I do not want marginalized, overlooked, or treated as inferior or as cannon-fodder for this virus and its evolving variants!

Maskless patrons this March at a North Dallas cafe & shop — LM Otero/AP

So I’ve been compelled to blog about it, not because it’s admirable or needed, but because it has also impacted me and my standard of life greatly! It must be discussed. This is the case I think with all Americans, or rather most ordinary, moderate Americans. In a way, how can one avoid it or pretend as if an unprecedented event and pandemic didn’t happen to yourself or to anyone else? Answer, you can’t. So perhaps for therapeutic reasons I’ve journaled about a virus that never had to be this bad. In the Spring of 2020 I had hoped I wouldn’t have to journal about it or blog about it for an entire year… and still counting, still ongoing. Tiring. Frustrating. Appalling. Saddening. Those are words partially expressing 15-months of American and Texas life in a politicized pandemic which has taken over half a million lives. Does that many dead bodies even compute!? And a large significant number of those deaths did NOT have to die early—for children and teenagers, they died way too early! How did (in 2020), and how do American political leaders live with that genocide atrocious fact and sleep at night? Are they human? Do they even have a heart?

So yes, I have blogged about this shameful travesty and a virus/pandemic that did not have to be so catastrophic and so unnecessarily protracted! If we had had intelligent, empathetic, and principled government leadership with citizens possessing the same traits, how very different these days would be. Ah, but alas… that has been a dream of another place, another time, in another Universe likely filled with an unfamiliar(?) superior species, isn’t it.

“To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…”

william shakespeare, hamlet

But enough torture and Shakespeare. What alternative reality am I living in Professor, you stupid man! Time to wake from that silly “American dream,” right? Dreams aren’t real are they?


A serious question: will my scheduled vaccinations be enough to relatively protect me come April 30th, 2021? Or June 30th, 2021 when either the U.K. variant arrives in Texas and DFW (assuming it hasn’t already) or against other coming future variants that mutate into a strand more resistant to current vaccines? And if the SARS-CoV-2 virus is always given non-stop opportunities to spread faster and mutate throughout people, populations or political groups defiant to simple, easy health-safety measures? Those easy to do measures such as wearing a mask, social-distancing, and avoiding crowds and huge social gatherings?

In doing those simple safety measures Americans/Texans greatly reduce or stop new variants from latching on, forming, then build resistance to our initial vaccines. Will our vaccine research, development, legal-approvals, and distribution be able to ever catch up to where the latest up-to-date doses are ahead or neck-n-neck to a virus constantly adapting and resisting COVID-19 vaccines? Can Americans and Texans do what must be done to eradicate this deadly pandemic and constantly mutating virus? The biggest way the virus keeps mutating is because of defiant humans (Republicans?) not wearing masks and not social-distancing. People, that is how it survives, spreads, evolves more intelligently, and therefore NEVER goes away.

Another way more dangerous, new COVID-19 variants pop-up and survive is because too many defiant, indifferent humans refuse to avoid big gatherings or crowds, e.g. sporting events, patronizing pubs-bars, conventions, or attending family reunions without masks or staying 6-feet apart. Am I driving this home by repeating what hasn’t been done and what must be done? I hope so; let’s do it some more!

It is a no brainer what will happen if Americans/Texans behave as if the deadly pandemic is over. What follows that selfish thinking will be another sixth, seventh, or eighth spike or resurgence in COVID infections across America again. Then hospitals fill-up again near or above operating capacities just like what is happening in Manaus, Brazil. This indifference and/or defiance only perpetuates restrictions, lockdowns, and more mandates longer causing all the same economic ripple-effects all of us in the U.S. have experienced the last 14-15 months. Please wake tha F*CK UP people and use your scientific brains!

Yet, nine days ago our Texas Governor blatantly ignored warnings from health officials, epidemiologists, virologists, and a whole host of Texas nursing groups urging him to not do it, unanimously stating it is way too early!

My readers/followers, I know I sound like a broken record here and in many of my previous blog-posts. I’m not sure I should apologize though. It seems however, at least for those who either don’t listen, don’t care, or don’t understand virology, epidemiology, and how infectious diseases/viruses function, survive, and adapt… I must keep beating this drum. When a society/nation does not learn from their mistakes, and learn them permanently, then it is cliché, but history repeats itself. What happened for 12-months in 2020 just continues, it happens again and again until one of two things happen: either no more humans, or all humans out-smart COVID-19 and all its following variants! Duh, right? No, not so fast Professor.

Does over 47,000 dead Texans (as of March 17, 2021) from coronavirus not mean anything to you Governor Abbott? There are now two more infectious, more lethal variants on the way. They may already be in Texas, or will be in large spiking numbers by the end of March if most Texans do not wear masks or social-distance until it’s safe to do so. A premature reopening will defeat the previous gains made this year against COVID while also gaining ground with increasingly more Texans and Americans getting vaccinated. In turn, that will better contain possible newer variants from forming. Why jeopardize 14-months of pain, toil, and exhausting efforts made to getting control over this pandemic spreading? Why play Russian Roulette and chance killing thousands of more lives uselessly and prematurely with this idiotic decision? Wait only 3-5 more weeks, two months, or whatever it takes to halt the recurring of newer and newer variants!

Alright, enough imploring, enough ranting, enough reminding. Time for the science.

From the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, Feb. 2, 2021. Emphasis mine:

Scientists in the United Kingdom yesterday reported that a small number of B117 variants have developed the E484K mutation thought to help SARS-CoV-2 partly evade immunity, and today another UK group said their lab experiments suggest the mutation added to B117 may dampen the impact of vaccination after one dose.


Overall, the vaccine is likely to be effective against B117, though its efficacy is somewhat affected. Though they found wide variation among individuals, on average B117 required a twofold increase in serum antibody concentration to neutralize the virus. However, when researchers added the E484K mutation, substantially higher antibody levels—on average, a 10-fold increase—were needed for neutralization.

Lisa Schnirring, New variant COVID findings fuel more worries about vaccine resistance, CIDRAP News, accessed March 18, 2021.

I highly recommend you read this article and stay tuned in to the ongoing results from vaccine boosters. CIDRAP was founded in 2001 with the University of Minnesota’s Office of Research and Public Health.

As is the case with anything brand new, a break-through discovery or invention, they have to be taken in those first days with a grain of salt and without knee-jerk reactions, right? Don’t jump to premature conclusions, right? Medical research is a long, sometimes slow process. In this field doctors and scientists must get it right. So here’s a “balancing” article from the Poynter Institute regarding the new COVID variants and the breaking news surrounding them relative to vaccinations, also a good quick read: “New COVID-19 variants could be more resistant to vaccines, but let’s not jump to conclusions.

As a side note, the Poynter Institute is the parent company of, a fact-checking website I utilize often.


Get ready for my long sentence; take a deep inhale folks. If Americans, including our federal leadership and Congress/Senate (in Jan. 2020), and a specific political, socioeconomic demographic in this country (including Texas)… had listened closely, heeded the vehement recommendations from public health and medical advisors regarding what HAD to be done, nationwide, for public safety, and how this COVID-19 pandemic could and would devastate our economy IF we did not follow their protective guidelines… then we WOULD NOT BE in these shitty circumstances, the multiple recurring spikes or resurgences, and dealing with unprecedented unemployment and crippled economy for over a full year! And need I mention the over 552,400 (and still counting!) premature deaths by COVID? Actually yes, I probably do. 🤦‍♂️

And THEY’RE OUT!!! Texans cannot be held back or told what to do.

The minute Gov. Abbott announced his total lifting of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, many Texans could not wait to dash out of their homes or jobs as if nude. What I saw when I had to go out in public here in North Dallas and nearby affluent areas of Dallas, Plano, and Addison, Texas, almost no one had masks and frequently I witnessed lots of close-up gatherings and groups as if we had suddenly returned to normal. I couldn’t help but imagine those starting-gates at the Kentucky Derby or Belmont Stakes when the bell rings, the gate-doors slam open, and the race horses leap out of their tiny stall. I mean, here you’d think we were all in prison cells for years and near bonkers to be let go, celebrating liberally. Whoops, I better not use that word! Might offend thousands of Conservatives. 🙄

And yet we are still dealing with a deadly virus that could’ve and should’ve been much better managed, controlled, and near eradicated. But here we are in mid-March 2021! Are you effin kidding me people!? What an embarrassing track record we Americans and Texans have and continue to show the world. We are a bunch of self-centered, self-absorbed Prima Donnas who cry “freedom and liberty” for ourselves, ME, ME, ME when asked for the sake of public health and safety to—like our need for speed limits on highways, roads, and in school zones—just wear a simple, easy mask out in public, to social-distance, to avoid huge crowds indoors/outdoors close-up, and get vaccinated ASAP when available and qualified.

America’s Greatest Generation (or G.I. generation) would unanimously reply “Piece of cake!” Well yeah! Think long and hard about what all they had to handle, go through, and successfully came out victorious, for the most part. What a shame 2019-2021 America. What a shame Texas we have forgotten or lost those principles, endurance, and helping community caring for each other!

For all the rest of you level-headed, scientifically-based and educated readers: CONTINUE BEING SAFE, COURTEOUS TO OTHERS, and PATIENT till the very end of this pandemic. An “ending” when say there are only 9 or 10 Americans with COVID-19, any variant. And also an “end” when the qualified experts tell us it is safe to say, COVID-19 has been eradicated enough. You may return to normal, if you’ve been fully vaccinated.” Will that day arrive? I do hope so. I hope that day actually comes very, very soon despite all this stupidity, indifference, and defiance that surrounds me. I also hope this ME ONLY behavior and mentality changes and does so permanently. Agreed?


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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26 thoughts on “Growing Variants

  1. Glad to hear you’re going to get the shot soon. My wife got her 2nd one about 2 weeks ago and I got my 2nd shot this week. It was an enormous relief for both of us. But we’re still going to be cautious and wear masks whenever we’re in a public place like a store, at least for the foreseeable future. And that’s largely because of the variants that are floating around almost uncontrolled because of some people’s bizarre attitudes towards this. We could end up with a situation similar to the flu where we have to get vaccinated for new variants every year.

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    • That is fantastic news Grouchy about your wife and yourself finishing both vaccinations! You two are probably going to be just fine according to the medical experts and all the COVID research. 🙂

      On the similarity of a never-ending flu due to moronic deviants here, I feel you are right, sadly. To think, we all could’ve made this so very different if we had just listened to and heeded exactly what the qualified experts (not politicians) told us to do back in January and February of 2020. There likely would not be this “other” COVID flue requiring annual or biannual shots/vaccinations. As you hint, that’s the consequence of disunity, egotism, and blindly following people totally unqualified in virology and epidemiology, right? A few stupid idiots make the whole nation suffer, especially families who lost loved ones to this deadly virus. 😔

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  2. As for WordPress, the only “blocks” I use are “Classic” blocks which give all of the old tools including wrapping text around photos. As a magazine editor I see how jazzy layouts sell magazines but I prefer blogs to be straight forward and easy to read, so the new WordPress editor is overkill in my mind.

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    • Ugh, I have to agree with you Steve on every point. Can I change that one single block to “Classic” without effin up the entire blog-post?

      I have a feeling I know the answer to my question, but had to ask. LOL


  3. One question, Professor: Why?

    Why do you feel obligated to blog about the pandemic if you are so sick and tired of it? We are not obligated to blog about every topic that happens to be important. I’m taking an extended vacation from politics (blogging about it or even, mostly, reading about it) right now, since the election is over and the new government in place. The political world moves on with or without our paying attention to it. So does the pandemic, and the fight against it. I know there are lots of other things you’re interested in. You should feel free to blog about those, even as the pandemic continues.

    At any rate, it’s good news that you’re getting the vaccine. There’s no absolute security from anything, but you will be a lot safer with it than without it. The fact that so many are getting it shows that the country can still get things done, with the right people in charge. The pandemic should be effectively over in a matter of months, with just pockets of continuing infection in areas where lots of people refuse to get vaccinated (that’s long been true of other diseases as well).

    Which brings up the real lesson in all of this — natural selection. So far, Oregon has had a little over 2,000 deaths from covid-19. If our death rate per capita had been the same as the rest of the country, it would be 6,000. We’ve been unusually diligent in adhering to social distancing, masking, and other precautions, and it’s paid off. It’s the red states where people won’t do those things that are really being overwhelmed.

    If you really need something to worry about, worry about the next pandemic. Because there will be one, as long as humans continue to keep huge numbers of animals in filthy conditions where they spend most of their time sick, while in close proximity to humans. Even if the whole Western world went 100% vegan, as long as factory farms or abominations like the Wuhan wet market exist anywhere on Earth, new viruses will keep making the jump to humans — and once that happens, the problem is almost impossible to contain within the country that originated it, as we’ve seen. And there’s no way of predicting the properties of the next one. It might be more infectious or have a higher mortality rate. We won’t know until it happens.

    But all that is out of my hands, so I’m just going to blog about whatever I happen to be interested in. Please do feel free to do the same.

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    • I know there are lots of other things you’re interested in. You should feel free to blog about those, even as the pandemic continues.

      Infidel, I appreciate your concern and suggestion. Thank you, it is merited and deserves my serious consideration. 🙂

      The fact that so many are getting it shows that the country can still get things done, with the right people in charge.

      That is very true. I guess I wish that it would continue with intelligent, “right people” for longer than 2-8 years. And in Texas I wish 25-years of Red politics would change ASAP. Nevertheless, your optimism is appreciated Sir and I really do hope it is all essentially over “in a matter of months.” That would be marvelous!

      We’ve been unusually diligent in adhering to social distancing, masking, and other precautions, and it’s paid off. It’s the red states where people won’t do those things that are really being overwhelmed.

      Boy, ain’t that so true to the tenth power! Why can’t Texas be like Oregon? That’s a bit rhetorical; I know very well Texas, Texas politics, and the ins-and-outs of where and why all the Red counties in Texas are Red and oblivious to what progress, protection, and implementing a Constitutional Democracy actually entails. Texas will not be like Oregon for another decade or more, sadly. 😦

      Your paragraph about other worries and catastrophes on humanity’s horizon is also true. All the science and the growing data screaming of those results/consequences have been there for years. But for many reasons they are mostly ignored and discredited by our wealthy 1% to 10% and Populist minions to those propagating non-science, anti-egalitarian principles—principles ironically that are essentially the core pillars of true democracy. I would just like to do my small part. All my life I’ve been hyper-cognizant of serving others, serving my state and nation in order to maintain what Lady Liberty originally symbolized. But these last three decades and more so from 2017 to Jan. 2021 it has been a living hell to be a civically responsible American. Gone are the days when Senators or Presidents like John McCain and (dare I say it) George W. Bush at LEAST have the wisdom to not only try to be bipartisan, but also stand-up for what is right and what abides with the Constitution, all of its Amendments, and the spirit of of its execution and protection by our tri-equal Branches. Even McCain and W. Bush knew this and upheld their Constitutional vows.

      But as you well know Infidel, big money and its constituencies has a very tight grip on our federal and state governments. It’s a never-ending fight to keep and protect a TRUE Constitutional democracy of TRUE unconditional equality and opportunity for all. We’ve been fighting that fight since 1780 or earlier haven’t we?

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    • Thank you John! April 10th and that second dose cannot get here soon enough! Fortunately my Mom has already gotten her first dose and will get her second in a couple of weeks. I just hope all these vaccinations get done rapidly BEFORE the virus mutates again into 4 or 5 more resistant, deadly variants!

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      • The local variant here is shocking. We just had a state-wide announcement tonight to not leave your home unless for critical emergency. There are no more ICU beds in Sao Paulo city. The death toll just this last week has been truly appalling.

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        • I know the newest Brasil variant, especially in Amazonas and Manaus and further southeast toward you, have been literally decimated by another COVID wave John. 😟 I worry about you and yours if you are still there in that area between Santos and São Paulo.

          Please be safe and careful as possible! You just recently returned to us here on WordPress dude! I’m gonna get very pissed at you if you disappear again! 😠😉

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  4. No need to apologize. Glad you’ve now had your first dose. I’m four days ahead of you! Yee hah!

    We will still wear masks and social distance as will most of our friends and family members. But I live in a blue bubble. It’s crazy how attitudes in different parts of our nation (red v blue) are completely opposed. I hate to say it but I don’t think your governor cares much about Texans other than caring about their vote.

    You’re right that average people are the ones who will suffer. Too bad so many of them vote for the bozos who can’t be bothered with understanding their needs.

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    • Very well stated Carol. 🙂 Agree with you about Governors or Lt. Governors understanding, listening to, caring for and empathizing with ALL Texans from ALL walks of life.

      What is ironic is that Greg Abbott graduated H.S. from Duncanville, TX, a southern suburb of Dallas. It is also immediately south of my boyhood home of Oak Cliff, TX. I still have several friends who live in Duncanville. When I was on Facebook I asked them if Gov. Abbott ever visits there to assess social-economic conditions, or ANYONE from his office. They all said “No, not ever. He doesn’t even claim it as his hometown.” Care to guess why he says nothing about it?

      Duncanville, TX is now primarily African-American and Hispanic. It begs the question: How could he or any government officials really know what’s going on with ALL Texans if they only visit and speak with the wealthy, economically stable and growing counties and precincts which are Red or possibly turning to purple?

      But then again, many big name, so-called Texas Republicans are NOT originally from Texas at all. They only know one demographic of Texans and they certainly are not non-white, non-Caucasian. 🤨🤬 Duh, right?

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      • Interesting. I’ve never been a fan of politicians establishing residency somewhere simply because they have a better chance of winning an election in that region. Cases in point, Hillary Clinton and most recently Geraldo Rivera. It’s doubly egregious, however, that Abbot doesn’t even bother to touch base with people living in his former stomping grounds. Shows with crystal clear precision where his loyalties lie.

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        • Yep. It isn’t just Greg Abbott either. I could make a long list of Texas Republican politicians that are not only NOT originally native Texans, but also rarely (if ever) spend 10-30 minutes in a whole YEAR in the many, MANY areas/counties of impoverished, higher crime-rate, lower educational scores/standards, etc, and their struggles. In the Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Galveston, and El Paso areas—the five most densely populated areas of the state—all Republican candidates and State Congress-persons hardly EVER visit those zip codes substantially LESS economically prevalent than their own or their constituents. I guarantee it Carol.

          Ted Cruz, the infamous Texas Senator who fled to Cancun during our recent devastating Winter Storms Uri and Viola that knocked out over 245+ county’s electrical power (out of 254 counties), is not even a native Texan. When his father abandoned the family and moved to Houston, he brought his oil drilling and seismic processing experience with him. He soon made many contacts in Houston and the state along with enormous amount of wealth. Cruz, his siblings, and step-mother eventually moved to Houston after. He has enjoyed that network and lifestyle ever since.

          Ted Cruz is only a handful of many examples that I am talking about. Way too many notable Republican politicians, including even the H.W. Bush’s and George W. Bush’s, etc, etc, are NOT true, multi-generational Texans and have NOT grown up here or lived the many, many diverse cultures—both horribly poor or lower middle-class lives and struggles—in many and most Texas counties that exist.

          The majority of well-to-do native Texans are in the rural areas of the entire state, living on very large estates or ranches, far removed from the problems and issues of the state’s most densely populated areas. Those non-Hispanic, non-Afro-American Texans most often do not want to hear about nor deal with our state’s major social-economic problems, health problems, educational disparities (public schools vs. private/charter schools) or various inequalities. They just want their businesses to be highly profitable without any federal regulations.

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  5. Howdy y’all!

    I’ve had the same complaint about wrap-around text and photos. I attended their WordPress users conference last summer and asked this very question, and they were less than enthusiastic about it. They do respond to feedback, though. I asked one of their happiness engineers (Is that what they call them?) once about making the copyable short link more easily accessible so you could quickly copy it and post it to Twitter. That week it was there on the lower left menu. So, there’s that.


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    • I have NEVER enjoyed the WP “Block Editor” right from the release. It is too bulky, cumbersome, and by default way too time consuming to use because of its sole purpose. And what is that you might ask?

      It is apparently designed for WP’s merchants or businesses and those IT-Web design departments. IOW, for people who spend 8-12 hours per day using it—-because they must, it’s their job—-and for those paying clients. WordPress made all this worse by not offering the Classic Editor for those users and paying individuals a much more User-Friendly editor.

      Furthermore, since I’ve used both Editors I see no differences in the two, that damn sure includes significant differences to justify WP pissing off many, many of their subscribers. That’s how I feel about it Jack. 😉

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      • Professor, you can add me to the list of those who dislike WP’s text editor. It’s better than nothing, but come on, this is 2021, not 1990. I should not have to resort to using HTML to do even simple formatting like placing a photo in a specific place on a page or changing fonts. Part of the problem seems to be the templates. Once you pick a particular template or “page style” or whatever they want to call it, you’re stuck with it. A few months ago they were sending me emails how I should be wetting myself with glee because I now had access to a collection of public domain photos and clipart that were now included with my account. I’m a photographer and artist. I neither need nor want their clipart. Just get me a better text editor!

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        • And NOW they’ve changed the layout for editing!! Why oh why can’t they leave well enough alone?

          Yesterday I accessed the Dashboard, clicked on All Posts, and sure enough … they were all listed. But NOT like before. Now there’s some dots on the right of the title that provide various options (Edit, View, Stats, etc.),

          Anyway, when I clicked on “Edit,” the post loads, but the line that used to be across the top that provided for bolding, italic, link insert, etc. is MISSING! What now???!??!

          Just an FYI, there is a program called Open Live Writer that can be used to write your posts. It has all the bells and whistles easily accessible. Once you’ve completed the post, you can both save it to your computer, as well as transfer a draft to your blog. Of course I haven’t tried it since these “new and improved” changes 😠, so I’m not sure how it’s going to look once it loads into WP.

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      • Howdy Professor!
        I’ve seen a lot of bloggers react this way to the block editor. I’ve tried using some of it’s more advanced blocks and techniques, and they’re just too cumbersome to use for blogging. They’re great for businesses that are trying to sell merchandise, I guess, but not for blogging.

        One of the things that I’ve always wanted is a sidebar that will wrap text around it. The columns thing just doesn’t work for that just like it doesn’t for images.

        That said, I do like the cover block. I’ve been able to make good use of that one just to link to previous posts.

        The text-wrapping thing remains an ass-scratching mystery, though. It seems like it should be a no brainer.


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  6. Howdy Professor!

    I got the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on 6 March. We’re fixing to go for the second. I am much relieved because that was the beginning of a massive outbreak of community spread of the UK variant here in Cambodia. We’ve more than doubled the total number of infections and now have had five deaths. They’ve converted three hotels to be #COVID19 hospitals and put the army in charge of security at their quarantine centers. I take it as a cautionary tale for the variants both more easily spread and more deadly. In other words, look out America. We cannot vaccinate fast enough.


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    • Congrats! Let’s hope every single human on Earth gets them ASAP, huh? 😬 Otherwise… ugh, the outlook is pretty dismal.

      You are unfortunately spot on Jack, “We cannot vaccinate fast enough.” And that will always be the case as long as idiot defiant people STOP wearing masks, STOP social-distancing, and KEEP gathering in large huge numbers together, especially inside enclosed places or outside, e.g. sporting events not wearing masks or social-distancing when going to bathrooms or around food & beverage concessions at stadiums.

      As long as those idiots and the governors/leaders who tell them This is all over, behave normal… they give COVID more opportunities and necessary time to mutate into newer, resistant, more contagious variants inside new hosts! Eventually that could mean inside hosts who’ve already been vaccinated twice this March, April, and May. Rinse and repeat I’m afraid Jack. 😡🤦‍♂️

      This is looking like COVID-19 will last all of 2021 too. Isn’t that just stupid and shameful that people refuse to see this thru to the final end!?

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      • Howdy Professor!
        The problem is that refusing #COVID19 testing, mitigation, and vaccines actually kills people, causes millions to suffer, and will eventually cost us our democracy. There is a concerted coordinated assault on our democracy and that is part of it. Not only does it keep the base inflamed, it will encourage them to turn to authoritarianism to succeed where democracy fails when the damage by the pandemic gets to be too great.

        I don’t think we understand the dimensions of the GQP assault on our democracy.



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