Crazy Like A Ray of Light

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time
to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Madame Marie Curie

This post is somewhat random but inspired by friends and great music of 1990 — 1998, all incredibly popular, happy, memorable, and unforgettable years for me personally. Two of my favorites follow, with some musing commentary.

Yet, Seal’s hit song “Crazy” I find so apropos for humanity’s continued evolution, progression, and advancement IF—emphasis on if—humanity (you) is/are BRAVE enough to think and step out of their suffocating comfortable BOXES and move forward! Everything in existence and life is in constant flux; always changing at some degree of speed. We just need to become more adaptable daily, weekly, monthly… for the Universe’s and our planet’s frequent fast-balls or curveballs. Nothing in life, in existence stays the same, always forever. Never. It all eventually becomes antiquated, like all the world’s now very ancient religions. It is past time to move on from the Bronze and Iron Ages or Classical/Post-classical Ages and into the modern knowledge of 21st and then 22nd centuries. Otherwise, stagnation only leads to extinction, yes?

Celebrate, dance like Madonna to this advancing, second Renaissance Age that is knocking and trying to break free from the dead, decaying chains of the past! Like a ray of light speeds through space and time, its particles in motion do not need your approval, help, or opinion to exist, much less to move anywhere. Only gravity and Black Holes have that sort of power. 🤓

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

Brene Brown

P.S. I will soon be publishing my Part 4: A New U.S. Constitution, for those of you still following the series (chuckle). Apologies for the delay, but hey… life gets in the way sometimes. We have a lot less control of things than we like to trick ourselves into falsely believing, right? HAH! 😄

Live Well – Love Much – Laugh Often – Learn Always

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24 thoughts on “Crazy Like A Ray of Light

  1. Those still stuck in the Metal Ages almost demand extinction, as that is how they will finally get their passage to the heaven they so greatly seek.
    “And the meek shall inherit the earth.” The most meek beings on this planet are plants, who are non-violent to a fault. All they want is some ground for their chilfren to grow on. Humans are not giving them that ground. We are the only species that deny them what they need. In fact, our violence towards plants is making them go extinct. They were here before humans, it is only fair that they survive us.

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  2. Question for you, PT: Do you have any idea why your new pists are not only showing up in my Reader section (where they should be), but also in my Comments section — where they should not be!


  3. Someone is sounding very chipper this morning!
    Amazing what 4 goals and five points clear can do to one’s mood.
    Just remember … It was only Everton.
    The ‘other’ Scousers might not be such a pushover.

    In unrelated news, I hear that Zuckerberg is planning on buying the Catholic Church for 750 billion dollars and relocating the Vatican to California.
    Confession will be online with an AI.
    Should be fun.

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  4. Denying Climate Change
    Denying Covid-19
    These folk would be tragically comic
    Masking their fears of Reality
    Using a façade of ‘Conspiracies’
    Save that their antics are Disruptive,
    Their Hysteria lurching into Violence.
    Just one example of our Cardinal Failures
    Firstly to evolve
    Second to admit a harsh truth
    Life and the Planet can do without us.

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