The Poke-her Game

…continued from the post The Party

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As part of the Alternative Lifestyles blog-posts migration over to the new blog The Professor’s Lifestyles Memoirs, this post has been moved there. To read this post please click the link to the blog.

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6 thoughts on “The Poke-her Game

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        • For now, suspended… for two reasons: 1) the summer months and September have been increasingly busy for me, and 2) there’s been very little interest from my BDSM’rs and Kinksters — the post-stats show the severe decline. Plus, practically non-existent comments/feedback.

          Over 18-months ago I was strongly encouraged by 3-4 women who were curious or in our lifestyle to write/post about it BECAUSE there is little info out there about the Dark Arts from a MALE perspective. It is heavily saturated by female authors/authorities. So, after years of reluctance, I started. There was some interest early on, but it has all but vanished now — until you Jad. 😉 Nevertheless, I do realize and gladly accept that it is probably my style of “erotic writing.” I’ll NEVER claim to be a fantastic writer. I don’t have the time for it anyway! LOL 😛

          Also, on a slightly DIFFERENT topic, I’ve requested from 10-12 of my female Dark Art lifers (followers) to please give a Guest-post for me to publish here that shares the incredible, safe, healthy benefits of SSC BDSM from a WOMAN’S perspective. Only two ladies responded and that was a long time ago. All the others just disappeared. LOL 😛 Nevertheless, I see publishing THEIR stories as dispelling so many of the fears and gross misunderstandings of the lifestyle as “abusive” or “manipulating” or “keeping women subjugated in society” by men and a patriarchal society. This is of course horribly exaggerated and false. Those exceptions of bad, harmful bondage reports are truly isolated from a true legal, well-organized public dungeons/communities. In fact, they are ALL private mishaps, abuses, injuries, etc, by ill-informed naive ladies. Most vocal opponents of BDSM have never actually BEEN inside the lifestyle, at legal dungeons/communities, much less extensively read up on member reports/testimonies and heard them out.

          All of that to essentially say, my priorities had to change by December 2016. Make sense? 🙂


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