2016: Cries for Mutiny

This is part one of a two-part blog-post

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This here is why it is so important to personally communicate with our state and federal officials, as well as be very active citizens exercising our civil duties and responsibilities!

The U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court, and integrity of the Union of 50 states has been under threat by a retro-popular sociopolitical mentality that is eerily reminiscent of Medieval Europe’s theocratic feudal systems. I address here one such local example out of many Texas Congressional members acutely bent on returning to those Dark Ages. Click his picture’s caption below for his full article and modus operandi. Following is my personal letter to the TX Congressman.

My personal written response to Mr. Murr’s article and posture:

Mr. Murr, Texas H.R. Dist. 53,

I read your July-Sept 2016 opinion-editorial (Op-Ed) article in HomeTown magazine entitled “What To Do When the Feds ‘Mess with Texas?‘” and I must say it was quite polarizing and partisan. I feel the claims made in your article may not completely represent those of your citizens in your 12 counties but your personal beliefs/opinions as is the Op-Ed designation. However, just in case it is based on a comprehensive survey of your 12-county citizens, I’d like to offer another perspective to those residents.

If there’s one factual statistic about Texas it is that it has become a more diverse culture of politics and beliefs than 30 or 50 years ago! The traditional sociopolitical landscape of Texas has and is quickly evolving into a ‘non-Caucasian’ spectrum, e.g. Texas is now primarily a Hispanic non-Caucasian demographic. Old Texas traditions are fortunately dying out.

While reading your first nine paragraphs, I couldn’t help but think this verbiage can represent any side of Texas sociopolitical issues: What does it mean to be one state unified with 49 others? What are the many benefits of being part of the United States of America? For starters, Texans and three other southwestern states are all protected and/or supported by federal law-enforcement staff and agencies from Mexican, Central, and South American drug cartels. Texans owe much gratitude to the commerce of 49 other states supporting Texas. These are just two benefits out of many! But sadly, the spirit of your article hinted of that old typical rhetoric of “Texas is better than the entire U.S. and can be a bully in federal politics if it so desires! After all, we are the ‘Lone Star’ state and we don’t need anyone! We can fly our state flag above the stars-n-stripes when we want!” This sort of arrogance I loathe as an 8th-generation Texan myself. Many times a year I remember the plethora of NATIONAL benefits we Texans enjoy as Americans! Your article hints of 1860’s secession, or worse… when Texas was a Republic and could not and did not stand on its own!

The very protections federal support provides economically, socially, and militarily (and you vaguely and implicitly touched on, if at all) CANNOT be provided by 254 Texas counties, let alone twelve. With due respect Mr. Representative, it is a give and take relationship with our federal union. Your three specific gripes: restrooms, equality, and Obamacare, are very minor issues compared to the numerous advantages Texas gains being an integral part of the Union of 50 United States! It would be quite arrogant for Texas to expect and dictate what is suitable for 49 other states to legislate, especially on such three MINOR issues you point out. Yet, you state later…

“There is little to suggest that Washington will ever curtail its intrusion into state and local affairs, regardless of the outcome of elections or change of administrations. So lets look at what we have done and what we can continue to do, both here in Texas and across the country, to take matters into OUR OWN HANDS.”

Wow! I am appalled by such mutinous cries!

I will contribute to the broader education or re-education of readers about the purpose of our U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land… even over Texas. But before I explain its purpose, let’s remember why we hold elections every 2- or 4-years, or it might vary depending on which state, county, and municipality voters reside.

Our frequency of political elections accommodates an evolving, changing spectrum of democratic civilization and its governing. Though arguably 4-8 years is seen by many as too long a term(s) in office, it is also reasonably argued that 4-8 years is inadequate for measuring the efficiency, feedback, accuracy, and success/failure of previous legislation and governing. Yet, there is no arguing this frequency/infrequency certainly does hold value for the SPIRIT of democracy! The people are heard. Therefore, there is rarely any cause for political hyper-tantrums or social anarchy when 2-4 years expires so quickly and the “voice of the people” can be heard and represented again.

The purpose of our U.S. Supreme Court is to be the final judge in all cases involving laws of Congress, and the highest law of all — the U.S. Constitution. This role DOES NOT make the Supreme Court all-powerful; in fact, far from it. Their power is limited or “checked” by the other two governing branches — Congress and the President along with his/her cabinet. Though governing a democratic people in this manner does not guarantee perfection in all cases at all times, but it seems to be one of the better governing systems in the world… when kept in parity and as pure as possible.

The democratic system represents in theory, and for the most part in practice, a system of governing which represents the “greatest good for the greatest number.” However, as history has adequately shown, it isn’t always pure. For example, in order for President Lincoln to have his 13th Amendment (via his Emancipation Proclamation) pass by a two-thirds majority in 1863 in the House chamber of Congress, Lincoln’s cabinet, aids, and lobbyists were forced to use ‘impure’ bribes and promises in order to capture certain Congressional votes or abstentions to get the 13th Amendment passed—the freeing of all slaves!

Our three-branched system doesn’t exempt the Supreme Court from impurities either. In 1857 the Supreme Court (Dred Scott vs Sandford) basically ruled that African-Americans were not part of the “sovereign people” who made the U.S. Constitution, were thus not U.S. citizens, and hence could not sue for their freedom. In this situation it is (pure?) good the federal Congress and White House later passed amendments that overturned this Supreme Court decision… and 8-9 years later did so with 5 slave-owning Justices (Democrats) and only 2 dissenting abolitionist Justices (Republicans).

It is worthy to note one example of the usefulness of Mr. Murr’s “democratic” battle-cry would ironically be our need to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in favor of Citizens United; which was a Republican-majority Supreme Court decision then undermining Mr. Murr’s “popular” democracy today. So it repeatedly begs the question, “How and why does a court case reach the final highest court of the land?” Research it and learn! Don’t just take anyone’s words for it or any politician’s battle-cry for it! Do the legwork and homework yourself!

Clearly, governing or ruling a people MUST be frequently evolving with several democratic “check-points” in the system to guard against a plutarchy (like Texas? 12 Texas counties?) from seizing and/or manipulating power and laws that DO NOT represent the majority of 49 other United States… and in which Texas is supposed to be part of. It is a give and take Mr. Murr.

As you correctly stated in your second paragraph:

“The Founding Fathers established our form of [Federal] government so that citizens, through their elected officials, could establish laws that reflect their desires; [and] particularly at the state and local levels.”

Though some/many Texans forget they are part of a bigger picture, a bigger Union and enjoying those many benefits of a Federal Team/Union—sometimes getting consumed by their own little world, or as you correctly said “particularly at the state and LOCAL levels”—having the protections of a Federal 3-branched Team is a wonderful blessing for ALL Americans, especially those who are not “in the majority” (oligarchy?) of social, political, or religious or non-religious sectors yet STILL deserve their individual rights, freedoms, and protections as American citizens, even in Texas.

Professor Taboo (here, in place of my real name)

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My Conclusion For This Post
The theme of my written letter to Congressman Murr was centered on his rallies (threats?) of mutiny aboard the U.S.S. America, e.g. “into OUR OWN HANDS.” His assertions about the function and authority of our Federal Branches as well as the spirit of six Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, additionally a lengthy history of Supreme Court decisions upholding the separation of church and state… are simply and as a whole misinformed. His direct attacks on “Public Restroom Policy” and “Same-Sex Marriage” politically are nothing to ignore or dismiss, but their protection and/or legislation is unambiguously paramount! I’ll address their defense and other inevitable sociopolitical issues more thoroughly in my next post, 2017:  Our Past, Present & Forecast.

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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11 thoughts on “2016: Cries for Mutiny

  1. Wow, I am impressed. I love how organized and clear your writing is. I am glad you are on the side of equality and the moving flow of time toward a better future. I wonder why so many people go to such dark extremes on issues? It seems a deliberate act to ignore information or science. I constantly see these people work harder at believing and following lies than they would ever have to following the truth of a situation. It is almost like they enjoy living their lives in the most terror filled , oppressed, oppressive, shameful, and hurtful manner they possibly can. How can there be any joy in denying to others something that costs you nothing and harms you not at all if they have? How can it please anyone to keep from someone else that which they enjoy themselves? I don’t understand, I fail to understand these people. I wonder what I am missing that I can’t see why they act as they do? Hugs

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    • Thank you Scottie for the kind words. And I want you to know personally that were I still of military combat age, I would MORE THAN GLADLY put my (mainstream?) life on the line for you and all those in “the minority” not just because ethically, morally, honorably, etc, it is the right thing to do, check that… I would do that still today in my public civil life too! Sorry. 😛 BUT ALSO because it is simply our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the TRUE spirit of our Founding Fathers intentions that these inalienable rights BE PROTECTED! Period. But as you correctly mentioned, they are also scientifically, biologically, genetically, neurologically, endocrinologically, and medically supported too. In fact, increasingly so every 5-10 years with more new discoveries and studies! ❤

      I totally agree with you about the fear-filled, hate-based, or elitist mentalities and ideologies. I feel the fear-based is the biggest contributing factor. This factor can be traced all the way back prior to and into the 4th century CE Greco-Roman Empire that later became Constantine's Vatican. 😉

      What are you missing? Scottie, not a thing. You already have the most crucial paramount part: love for humanity. Always know, that at least here with me, you are never alone my Friend.

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  3. I find your “cries of mutiny” to be ridiculous… as for all of the so called benefits we as Texans enjoy from being part of the USSA… yes I said USS A because that is what it has become… are nearly non existent and are frankly better off without. But then it doesn’t surprise me that a man who has focused his whole life on academics rather then actually working for a living would feel that way. You, good Sir, are just like every other indoctrinated socialist minded dime a dozen college professor. And bybthe by his views do represent the views of the good MORALLY minded people of his district… I know because I am onenof them. and no he doesn’t need the opinion of someone not even in his district. If the HB 1359 resolution is passed I suspect you will be one of those who will leave our great soon to be nation, president which frankly is a good thing. As for your claims of now that the state has a more “NON CAUCASIAN” view point then it did thirty or forty years ago…. hate to break it to your little liberal socialist heart… most of them feel the same way we do. And as for the drug cartels the IS government supposedly protects use from… yeah considering the lead pen approach your sundowning savior Biden has shown in his first few days in office…. those protections are even more noticably nonexistent as they were before he was elected. Or did you miss that he. just threw open the boarders for one and all with no background checks or criminal record checks with other nations… so how is that protection again?


    • Hello Falcon.

      I see that you do indeed live, or at least your IP address is located, in Kerrville, TX. I only spent 4-years living there while being a full-time caretaker for my mother. She suffers from Stage 3 Dementia and several of her siblings were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. She also has high odds of developing Alzheimer’s too. I have since moved back to Dallas, TX where I grew up and now call home with many like-minded friends. Either Dallas or Austin, TX would be the only two cities I would belong and live in Texas.

      However, when I was in Kerrville that was the time I read Murr’s opine in the local HomeTown magazine. As you might have read, I did find it very polarizing and partisan, one of the biggest problems with American politics today.

      Before I address your comment, I want to refer you to my “Professor’s Netiquette” page here. Please read it closely before commenting here again. Thank you.

      Now, regarding your comment packed with presuppositions. First, the “cries of mutiny” were not mine. They were House Representative Andrew Murr’s cries. Mistake #1. Second, your personal projection that the United States is “the USSA” is also in error. Socialism today is not anything close to what the classical definition of Soviet Socialism or Communism was in the 1950’s and 60’s. Today’s correct definition of Socialism is similar to that found in the modern Gospels of the New Testament: where Christians selflessly take care of other Christians. Or in the modern definition, where Americans take care of other Americans. This is only one similarity of modern social collaboration in the spirit of empathy. I suggest you research and update your antiquated perception of Cold War “Socialism.” Mistake #2.

      Third, you have made enormous assumptions of my work history and experience. You are foolishly way off the mark. Did it cross your mind to ask first what is was? Apparently not. That’s okay. This is the present nature of internet trolls too lazy to do the required legwork/homework before speaking/writing impulsively. This is your first strike, out of three.

      Fourth, if you had read both blog-posts and a number of my blog-pages, you would have determined that at the time I was living in District 53 in Kerr County. Mistake #4 Falcon.

      Fifth, your predictions or speculations about how Red Texas has been, currently is by a hair, and will be in the foreseeable future is also an ill-informed supposition. For the last 8-years or more Texas has been turning Blue sir. Again, do your exhaustive, impartial legwork. Mistake #5.

      Sixth, regarding “protection” of our southern border and “drug cartels,” you have made a wildly oversimplified generalization that is severely lacking in evidential support, i.e. legwork and homework once again. Can you give at least 3-5 sources to corroborate your claim? I am happy to read all of them.

      And finally seventh, President Joe Biden is not my “sundowning savior” as you mistakenly postulate. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an Independent of over 25-years now. If you had taken the time to read more of my blog’s pages, you would have also determined that. Is that more laziness on your part Falcon? It seems so. Mistake #7.

      Again, I strongly recommend you read my “Professor’s Netiquette” page in my Menu at the top of my blog if you wish to share respectful feedback in the future. Thank you Falcon. Furthermore, why do you have no link(s) to your own blog or identity so we both can engage in civil dialogue?

      Regards to you and your family.

      P.S. Your “misspells” and grammar are a bit underachieved. Hope you are working to improve them for better articulation and understanding for those you engage.

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