Tiptop Improv Returns!

When I had heard that one of my all-time favorite comedy shows was returning for at least one more, maybe two more seasons, my jaw dropped and I let go the screaming SHUT THA FRONT DOOR!!!! shoving my friend over the side of the couch. From years gone by… back to my prim-ier years (Drew Carey hosted), even to my days right out of college (Clive Anderson hosted) when my Dad and I watching religiously, laughing non-stop! Was it really happening? Could it be? It was indeed a dream come true, reborn.

Whose Line Is It Anyway was back on the air with the usual suspects Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, a special guest, and hosted by Aisha Tyler. I frackin’ frickin’ fruitin’ LOVE this show! Let the predictable unpredictable rib-breaking commence!


Pure unadulterated laughter, the best medicine. If you used to watch this entertaining hyper-ventilating 30-mins of hilarity and have any favorite scenes, share them below if you can! All are welcomed!


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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22 thoughts on “Tiptop Improv Returns!

    • I’m going to sing my latest record. They say it is my last one as well…” Hahahaha! That might explain why I’ve never heard of Mr. Grayson. 😉 😛

      Thank you Hariod for that SUPERB dancing exhibition as well!!! 🤩

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        • Oh, I can most definitely relate to that! I’ve been a drummer/percussionist most of my life — although my senior year of H.S. I had to choose a career path: A) soccer/futebol, or B) rock band/rock music. But when I’ve had a large drum-kit at my disposal and 2-4 Peavey or Marshall amps to plug-in my Rush and Tool, I would play and go into a trance, another dimension. It was the most NATURAL HIGH ashift I have ever experienced! Woah. 😨🤯

          I’d tell ya to keep doing your guitar over great improv 9 out of 10 times Sir! 😉

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