Want To Time-Travel?

I just have to share this! Quick time-out during my Black Underworld, Inc. series.

This fascinating time-traveling machine or rather software app actually doesn’t travel forward into the future, but it will take you as many as 750-million years into the geologic past from our current Holocene period to the Cryogenian period from any known address on Earth. Dial up your time-destination on the Delorean circuit-board, pull down your welding goggles, and fasten your seat-belt. It’s off to Pangea we go.

I can think of a number of blogging friends that might enjoy fiddling around with this cool app:  John Z, Arkenaten, IBTD, Nan, CommonAtheist, SecularJurist, Steve, Tildeb, Swarn, and perhaps too the magnana-wonderous Lady Esme and a few others and maybe (if my message in a bottle reaches him 😉 ) just maybe the castaway Hariod. I also know of some bloggers who would not enjoy the app or its implications—it flies in the face of their Young Earth and Creationist delusions beliefs. Oh well, can’t please everyone, huh? WHAAH… WATCH OUT! That Velociraptor is trying to eat your baby in the manger! 😱

Silliness aside. On to the science. With the address, region, or city you type in the interactive Ancient Earth tool will inform you of nearby dinosaur fossils from that geologic period. You can also select particular organisms-of-life periods such as the “first insects,” or “first dinosaurs” or “first multicellular life.” As you select one of 26 different time-periods you can watch the shorelines move inland or out based upon sea levels relative to glaciers and the polar ice-caps at that time. I discovered this app by my email subscription to Smithsonian.com and arts-science journalist Meilan Solly writes:

Ancient Earth, the tool behind this millennia-spanning visualization, is the brainchild of Ian Webster, curator of the world’s largest digital dinosaur database. As Michael D’estries reports for Mother Nature Network, Webster drew on data from the PALEOMAP Project—spearheaded by paleogeographer Christopher Scotese, the initiative tracks the evolving “distribution of land and sea” over the past 1,100 million years—to build the map. […]

To switch from one time period to another, you can either manually choose from a dropdown menu or use your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys. Start at the very beginning of the map’s timeline, Michele Debczak advises for Mental Floss, and you’ll see the planet evolve from “unrecognizable blobs of land” to the massive supercontinent of Pangea and, finally, the seven continents we inhabit today.

Take about 10-minutes and go play around at Ancient Earth and get an approximate intriguing visual of just how our tectonic plates have evolved and just how much NOTHING on this planet stays the same for one year or one minute. It hasn’t for at least the last 4.5 billion years!


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45 thoughts on “Want To Time-Travel?

    • And this interactive tool is super cool John! My Mom’s long-time male partner lives on a huge ranch just outside of Lampasas, Texas. On his property he has THREE dinosaur footprints in his creek bed! It is sometimes under water when excessive rainfall has filled up the run-offs, streams, and aquafers. But when it’s been little rainfall or the usual droughts, the massive footprints are clear as day. The Dryptosaurus according to paleontologists from the University of Texas Austin and Southern Methodist University (SMU), was an ‘above average sized’ Dryptosaurus. I’ve seen the three footprints myself John and they are MASSIVE! Their gate, or distance between each footprint, are at least 8-10 feet apart! 😲

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        • Ahh, I will! Mom already has some, but I’m not sure if she has them uploaded to her laptop computer to send me. I’ll definitely look into it and do my best to upload them here. 👍

          But be patient because Mom is 79 and is by no means techy-computer savvy. Just sending a simple text message takes her 20-mins because she can’t figure out how to disable Auto-correct. After each letter of the alphabet she punches in, she looks to see if her fancy phone did what she wanted… if you know what I mean. 😆 And of course… it is NEVER User error! It’s always the electronic device’s fault. 🙄

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    • Hahahaha! But LoR… what is “6-days” exactly in the Creation workshop? Is it 6 solar sunrises or is it 1.333 ∞ billion sunrises? The “omniscient God” forgot to include those measurements in his infallible Scriptures to one tiny area of this world and one single nomadic tribe. Inquiring science and evidence want to know. 🧐

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    • HAH! Sorry, the Ark that Noah worked so hard to build is still… no where to be found. Which is really, REALLY puzzling since we know that there has been well over 8.7 million different species on Earth and that is a very modest number. Can you imagine just the feeding menu Noah’s family had to provide for a minimum of 8.7 million living species? Wait… since it was the binary “two by two” passenger list that means 17.4 million species? (is scratching his head now)

      Ugh… and these figures are more modern. We already know that there were hundreds of thousands MORE species then because of plentiful food supplies, right? Geeezzz, you know what? Noah would have HAD to have a freakin’ NAVAL FLEET of arks to carry that many animals, right? LOL 🤔

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  1. Bottle washed-up on the shores of Somerset, Professor! Sadly, no sherry inside. Or is it digital sherry? What button do I push to get at it? Forgive me, I’m getting very old now, you know; suffering from hyperlinkitis, strictly entre-nous.

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  2. I don’t suppose this app is available through Hobby Lobby? Great find Taboo! I’ll check it out. I was just on Project Pegasus watching reruns of the crucifixion with Andrew Basiago and CIA time travel. This app is a great complimentary feature!! 😜

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    • Hi Scottie! Great to see you here again. ❤ Yes, it is a magnificent tool to get a better grasp of our very VERY MEGA-ancient planet, huh? And when one thinks about our planet in 100,000 year increments or 10,000,000 year increments it starts to show us just how much TIME micro- and biological organisms had to develop and evolve into a seemingly endless journey of environmental adaptations… for better and better survival! Think of that! 750-million years for subatomic particles and molecular combinations with various lipid proteins all exploring and testing, living, and dying… has finally brought us to here… 2019 CE! HAH! 😲

      As you can tell, when I found this cool interactive app I was SUPER STOKED! 😄 So glad to share it with you. I think you and Ron will enjoy it.

      Hugs to you!

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      • Hi Professor,. Just thinking, there was a time when everyone was basically part of the same soup percolating on this planet. Like you said it is an amazing thing, yet we know it happened. We are finding new life forms in the most extreme environments that life really could be everywhere in the universe. Did you ever read the superman comic books as a kid? I always use to think with his ability to travel to other worlds and see other races, why did he bother hanging out on earth? Hugs

        Oh sorry for missing your posts. I sort of missed a lot of everyone’s blogs. Just getting back up to speed now. I took a quick look and noticed you have a bunch I want to give a read to in the next few days. Hugs

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        • Ah Scottie, you just reminded me of an excellent visual explanation of exactly what you said: “…there was a time when everyone was basically part of the same soup percolating on this planet.” In one episode of a most favorite PBS series of mine, Genius by Stephen Hawking, he has three non-scientific people participate in a variety of experiments and tests to show that given enough time, PLENTY of time (like 750-million years) and the influx of energy (e.g. motion, thermodynamic, etc) atoms, molecules, amino acids, lipids… THIS is what happens:


          Also in this episode (I think?) Hawking had them literally pour three(?) different clear liquids, one of them had sugar(?), bacteria(?), into a huge bowl. If I remember correctly they were enclosed in a dark room with fluorescent light, when needed. In a matter of 30-mins or 1-hour you could see the clear liquid start to change color. In 10-hours it was like a lime green. Then 1-day later it was full on deep green and much more thick!!! Hahahaha! So cool!

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          • This is simply so amazing. I book marked. I wish I had a few days ago when Dolphinwrite told me there was no way chemicals could combine on earth to make cells and beings without god. I will see if I can find the whole series and have a go at learnings some new stuff! You always have such interesting new things to tell / show me. Hugs

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            • I think that is a grand thing. If our president had a bit of curiosity for anything maybe he would be a more bearable. I can not understand being so uninterested in … anything. My home office is set up for me to be able to read / listen / watch as much as possible. I take my pad with me when I am at the doctors or when I am ill in bed. I listen to podcasts in the car or while doing chores. There is so much to try to understand and only one human life span to do it in.
              Well I am going to close down and go to bed. I have been up since 2 AM. The bed it is calling. Be well good friend. Hugs

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        • Sorry, was interrupted… by Mom. 🙄 Can’t ignore that phone call unless you want a Wrath never before seen in the history of Wrathing. 😛

          I didn’t read comics, no. But that’s a great question to put to Superman. Haha. I’ve also heard from National Geographic explorers, scientists, sociologists… that if a highly intelligent superior Alien race ever came to Earth they would ask our Supreme Leader:

          Show us to your Ants. They are this planet’s most efficient, well-oiled social machine with far superior eusociality and superorganism behavior rarely seen in this part of the Cosmos. We want them. We’re leaving everything else behind — not needed.

          Bwahahaha! 🤣

          No worries about my other blog-posts. Take your time Scottie. 😉 ❤

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