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Due to the continued alarming rise of Prosperity Theology in Texas, Bible-belt States, and the American Midwest since the 1950’s and more so through the 80’s and reaching the 21st century, I was compelled to write this post.

Current American Pentecostal-Charismatic waves of hyped emotional (sales) events, miracle-movements, and mega-church services with theatrical pastors, ministers, bands, and electronic-digital and lighting special-effects — e.g. Oral Roberts, Robert Tilton, Joel Osteen, or Kenneth Copeland to name just four — are rising and now threaten our once Constitutionally accorded church-free politics. It’s a 232-year old pillar of Constitutional Democracy: the Separation of Church and State. This is supposed to be taught and properly learned in every single American public middle and high school Social Studies classroom! If this is no longer the case, then I am disturbed and obliged again to publish yet another blog-post targeting the sham: fraudulent Christianity.

Sincere apologies to my more laid-back followers who enjoy my other subjects and the mantra “Live and Let Live.” I will return to those subjects, I promise.


A Simple Question

Was Jesus a Jew? It is a straightforward question. It is a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. But can he be both at the same time? Can he be a Jew and also be a non-Jew? If these three questions can’t be answered simply yes or no, then why or why not? There are approximately 2.18 billion people in the world today that claim the answer is very simple, but when each one personally explains, it becomes very complicated, very controversial, and includes fabricated history that will never be understood by any intelligent, neutral person. And certainly not by consensus of other 2.18 billion Christians (minus 1) world wide. Why is this? Why all the ambiguity?

Now THAT answer is quite simple:  the three cancerous D’s to genuine, pure, authentic Messianism. What are they? They are deform, deface, and divert. In other words, ambitious Hellenic Romans were always on the lookout for a new cult, a new better God-Goddess, took a weird Jewish concept of Messiah(s) and they deformed it, defaced it, and diverted it into a wholly distinct and new, but illegitimate religion.

Roman leisure

The full history of Greco-Roman society undeniably demonstrates few-to-no delineations between matters of state, expansion, conquest, and religion. They were for the most part one in the same. There is one facet of Greco-Roman culture that can never be overstated and I must drive this home to you. The early Roman Republic, the Principate, as well as the final Imperial Eras all followed the same inclusionist arrangements as Alexander the Great employed on conquered peoples. In more precise terms, Rome, her leaders, officials, and her citizens always absorbed to some large or small degree foreign cults and practices from cultures they conquered and/or annexed. As victors, they generously modified them, rejected them, or overhauled them into an almost unrecognizable new religion/cult proud of their ingenious creativity with the gods for the envious glory of Rome. This was centuries-old Hellenistic convention over their vanquished or enslaved for all the world to see. Hellenist people always tinkered with, reinvented, and disassembled any and all new and foreign concepts or ideologies. In three words, syncretism on steroids.

With this understanding, let’s consider what actually was done to Jesus’ full Jewishness, steeped in the full meaning of Torah, 3-D’d by the post-74 CE Patristic Church Fathers and Archbishops.

∼ ∼ ∼ § ∼ ∼ ∼

You Can’t Pre-select Your Pedigree and Un-Pedigree Your Pedigree

Here’s the shtick. If you are a biological offspring of two parents, you cannot un-biologize your biology from them. You will always have their genetics, and their parents’ genetics, and so on. You also cannot unfamilialize your family heritage… unless you are given up for adoption or kidnapped as an infant; then maybe, just maybe that is possible. But biologically you will always have at least a microscopic measure (or more) of your family’s genealogical heritage.

Ah, so we DO have a simple answer to Was Jesus a Jew? Yes. Yes he was. It’s that simple. He can never not be a Jew! Period!

However, between the end of the First Jewish-Roman War (74 CE at Masada) and the First Council of Nicaea convened by and for Emperor Constantine the Great in 325 CE to imperially make “Christ” (as opposed to Yeshua/Jesus) one-in-the-same with the singular Almighty God/Yahweh. Jesus was re-branded or Constantinized by one Hellenic Roman emperor (a Gentile man at that) into a/the God of the Universe. See the meaning and purpose of the Roman symbol of Jupiter holding Earth, the Globus-Orb. This was a common Greco-Roman tradition of superior dominance and Apotheosis that Constantine understood, believed, and enforced. Hellenic Gentile Archbishops and upper-echelon Romans increasingly wanted to be separate, distinctly above, a step-ahead of the God’s first Chosen People (Jews; all Jews) and overhaul their dead Messiah and make it their own living God-Christ in good Greco-Roman tradition—defying all logic they shuffled around, pedigreed, pseudo-pedigreed AND un-pedigreed the historic Jewish Tannaitic Messiah for their theological pedigree of a Greek Christ.

According to Ezekiel 37:24-28 in the Tanakh, as well as corroborated in the books of Zephaniah, Isaiah, Micah, 1 & 2 Chronicles, 2 Samuel, Jeremiah, Psalms, Genesis, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, there are six (6) requisites for the Jewish Messiah(s):

  1. He must be Jewish. (Deut 17:15, Num 24:17)
  2. A descendant of the tribe of Judah (Gen 49:10) and a direct male descendant of both King David (1 Chron 17:11, Psa 89:29-38, Jer 33:17, 2 Sam 7:12-16) and King Solomon. (1 Chron 22:10, 2 Chron 7:18)
  3. He must amass all the Diaspora and return them to Israel. (Isa 27:12-13, Isa 11:12)
  4. He must rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. (Micah 4:1)
  5. He must usher in global peace. (Isa 2:4, Isa 11:6, Micah 4:3)
  6. He must convince the entire world population to acknowledge and worship one God:  Yahweh. (Isa 11:9, Isa 40:5, Zeph 3:9)

If any Jewish claimant failed to fulfill even one of those requisites, he was NOT a/the Messiah(s). Period, no exceptions. Historical Jesus did fulfill #1, but never fulfilled the remaining five. Regarding his genealogy and #2, Hebrew Scriptures unequivocally states that a Jew’s genealogy and tribal heritage are established exclusively through one’s biological genetic father (Num 1:18, Jer 33:17). Hebrew Scriptures says nothing about anything outside of those parameters, much less exceptions for invisible male sperm from deities. And the Messiah’s maternal line is irrelevant as claimed in Luke.

There are two more critical problems with the New Testament Gospels’ not aligning at all with Messianic requisites. First, attempting to prove Jesus’ genealogy through Joseph’s lineage as recorded in Matthew 1:1-17, specifically 1:11-12, is not possible, a Greek mistake by the Gospel authors’ because of Jeremiah 22:30! Authentic Hebrew Scripture has King Jeconiah leaving no descendants; none.

So said the Lord: Inscribe this man [Jeconiah] childless, a man who will not prosper in his days, for no man of his seed shall prosper, [or by] sitting on the throne of David or ruling anymore in Judah.

This disqualifies Jesus as Messiah. Second, the genealogies of Matthew 1 and Luke 3 make matters worse and more embarrassing for the Hellenic Gospel authors, scribes, and editors. As mentioned, a Jew’s tribal-membership is established only by the paternal bloodline. Hence, Luke 3 is immaterial. But for the sake of indulgence, lets look closely at Luke’s portrayal of Mary’s genealogy, Jesus’ mother. Luke 3:31 reads:

…the son of Melea, the son of Menna,
the son of Mattatha, the son of Nathan,
the son of David…

This genealogical version in Luke also contradicts the Messianic requisite in 1 Chronicles 22:9-10 in the Tanakh—the Messiah(s) is/are to descend from Solomon, not Solomon’s brother Nathan. Lastly, Jesus never came close to fulfilling the other four requisites. Renowned biblical scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan along with many others agree that the antithetical versions of Matthew 1 and Luke 3 are later retrofits to bolster Greco-Roman Messiah-to-Christ agendas. I completely agree with them based on the broader historical contextual factors influencing schisms of the time-period between zealous Judaic-Messianism and ascending Roman Christology.

From this wider lens outside the 2nd thru 4th century Apostolic/Patristic Church Fathers’ heavy biases, we can see the nascent Hellenic Fathers and bishops struggle to grasp Jewish Messianism-Eschatology in its proper setting. Or they had no desire to understand it from the Jewish Second Temple period. Lazy, arrogant, perhaps by the time of Marcion, Irenaeus, and Tertullian they had more pressing Earthly priorities. Nonetheless, they were predictable. They simply took liberal license to deform Jewish Messianic concepts and requisites to implement centuries-old Hellenistic Roman-centric interpolations and extrapolations for their Greek Neo-Christ caricature.————

Overhauling and Rewriting History: For the Victor Go the Spoils

This will be a very quick introduction of setting the scene, putting in place the background to how the early Hellenic Roman Church deformed Jewish Messianism. It must be accepted as fact that not one single Apostolic-Patristic Church Father of earliest Christianity was born a Jew. From Clement of Rome to Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp of Smyrna, through 7-8 more over the next four centuries, to John of Damascus and Isidore of Seville in the 7th and 8th centuries, not one revered Greek, Latin, Syriac, or African Church theologian had any Jewish heritage or education whatsoever! What does that say about any Gentiles understanding proper Second Temple Judaism/Messianism?

There are a few prime polemic examples in chronological order of composition. First, is the Epistle of Barnabas (70 – 132 CE) author unknown. The revered Greek Father Origen considered this epistle authoritative, but not canonical. This epistle is a radical anti-Semitic treatise. Most scholars place its composition in Greek Alexandria. As early as Chapters 3-4, the author(s) accuses Judaism of misunderstanding their own Laws and to stop celebrating the Jewish Sabbath, but instead celebrate the Christian Sunday, Jesus’ resurrection. This is a harsh slap on the Jewish face by a Greek Gentile. By Chapter 6 the author was telling Jews how to interpret their own Pentateuch, prophets, and Ketuvim!

Second would be the Greek Christian Aristides in his Apologia (123 – 124 CE). Aristides attacks the gods of various nations as inferior including Greeks, however, gives tiny credit to Jews for worshiping angels and ritual laws. But high praise is given to Christians for tracing their lineage back to Christ practicing pure benevolence and love. Hence, Judaism is minimized.

Fathers of the Church
Early Greek Church Fathers

Third is the Greek Aristo of Pella and his Dialogue of Jason and Papiscus (c. 140 CE). This letter no longer exists, but is mentioned by Greek theologians Celsus and Origen, and indirectly too by Eusebius and Jerome as an exchange/debate between a Hebrew-Christian and a Jew of Alexandria. According to these Greek Fathers Aristo showed why God turned His back on Jews for crucifying Christ—a wrong exegesis of Genesis and Psalms with Galatians 3:13—so God used Emperor Hadrian to shamefully banish them from Jerusalem and Judea.

Finally, there is Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho(n) (155 – 160 CE). He explicitly lays out that current Christianity, as he perceived it at that time—and as a Greek academic of Socrates and Plato—was the new law of God for all of humanity forever. Dialogue with Trypho sets out to audaciously substantiate his Greek Jesus was the Messiah-Christ. Justin utilizes a considerable amount of Jewish Aggadic material which renders his Hellenic portrayal of the Jewish philosopher Trypho imaginary and his concessions to Justin impossible.

After many key figures and groups of Temple Judaism and Palestinian Judaism were exterminated or dismantled and pushed out of Jerusalem and the Levant by the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE and irrevocably at Masada in 74 CE, Hellenic-Herodian traditions favored by Gentile Romans were primed to fill the socio-religious void left behind by Vespasian’s seven Roman Legions.

Dr. Isaac W. Oliver, Ph.D, of the University of Michigan and Judaic-Religious Studies at Bradley University, reassesses “The Way” Movement and earliest Christianity like this:

It would seem that the liminal status of Messianic Judaism is still hard for many, whether secular or religious, to swallow, but the movement’s presence reminds New Testament scholars of all stripes and colors about the primary role that early Jewish followers of Jesus played in the formation of the Jesus Movement. As Joel Willits points out in his treatment of Revelation, readers approach the New Testament (or any other text for that matter) with certain presuppositions, which “are often the most determinative factor in an interpretation.”[36] These include sets of questions and interests that exist even before a given text is encountered, prioritizing certain matters of inquiry above others and thus conditioning the reading process and its final interpretive outcome. Not surprisingly, when some “Gentile Christian” scholars studied New Testament passages as Acts 15; 21:20-24 and 1 Cor 7:7-14, they overlooked what these passages might have meant or implied for Jewish followers of Jesus, focusing instead on the Gentile Christians addressed in these writings. Messianic Jews have naturally handled the same passages with other questions and priorities in mind, being interested, similarly to many of Jews who wrote the documents now contained in the New Testament, in faithfully maintaining their identity as Jewish followers of Jesus. Their drawing attention to these neglected issues should be welcomed as a further contribution toward the ongoing endeavor of reassessing much of early Christianity, a thoroughly Jewish phenomenon, whose Jewishness was more pervasive lasting than previously thought. (emphasis mine)
Oliver, Isaac W. “MESSIANIC JEWS AND THE EARLY JEWISH FOLLOWERS OF JESUS.” Hebrew Studies 57 (2016): 367-75.

It cannot be stressed enough how prevalent was the increasing number of Hebrew discrimination treatises by Greek Christian theological Fathers after 70 CE and 160 CE with Justin up to and beyond the early 8th-century CE with John of Damascus. From all aspects, traditions and Hebrew scriptures it is/was impossible for Yeshua bar Yosef (Jesus) to be the/a Messiah. For a complete view of the Greco-Roman Fathers defacing Second Temple Jewish Messianism and the context that Jesus’ Movement participated, click here and here.

Unfortunately, Jews from the mid-Roman Era to Late Antiquity to Post-Classical Era Jews around the Eastern Mediterranean along with their Tannaitic, Oral Torah, Mishnah-Tosefta Judaism were practically wiped-out… to later be replaced by Hellenic literature, i.e. the canonical Christian Bible and non-canonical corpuses. Fortunately, not all Talmudic literature and commentaries were destroyed by Vespasian’s Legions, anti-Semitic Church Fathers and acolytes, or hidden and lost forever! The Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran are the most prolific, epic lens into Judaism prior, during, and after the life of Jesus. They are some of the most treasured, authentic scrolls in all religious literature of the world secondary only to the Gandhāran Buddhist, Kesh Temple Hymnal tablets, and Hindu Veda texts. Modern intellectuals do indeed have a litmus-test library to reliably and objectively test the juggernaut’s integrity, to peer under the Goliath’s pteruges/skirt if you will, that is/was Roman Christology/Christianity!

As more and more new unanticipated theological, eschatological, and scriptural problems and contradictions arose against early Christian Church leaders and bishops during the 2nd, 3rd, and early 4th centuries in connection with their Christ versus Yeshua bar Yosef’s Messianic Jewish heritage, Hellenic-Pauline Gentile Church leaders recognized they had to further depart, distance themselves, and sever all ties from Judaism and their Messianic doctrines to appear legit to all non-Jews. Enter the imperial Roman fathering of blatant anti-Semitism.

Martin Luther

The presstitution that the Palestinian Jews killed Jesus Christ is categorically and unequivocally wrong. Greco-Roman Christians instigated the resentment, humiliation, and stigmatization of Jews from 70-74 CE through at least the 17th-century, and Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation and his book On the Jews and Their Lies carried it to a darker abyss. Case and point:

[The Jews are] venomous beasts, vipers, disgusting scum, canders, devils incarnate. […]

Their private houses must be destroyed and devastated, they could be lodged in stables. Let the magistrates burn their synagogues and let whatever escapes be covered with sand and mud. Let them be forced to work, and if this avails nothing, we will be compelled to expel them like dogs in order not to expose ourselves to incurring divine wrath and eternal damnation from the Jews and their lies. […]

…we are at fault in not slaying them…

Of course at the turn of the 20th-century came the Holocaust. And today in the 21st-century the U.S.’s nagging centuries-old problem of white-supremacist, neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate, anti-Federal militias, and Christian-Identity groups keep feeding the monsters of discrimination, persecution, and hate. But let us return back in time to the Roman Principate-Dominate Era in the Eastern Mediterranean.

New Bed-Partners: Hellenic Overseas Judaism & Roman Social Welfare

Once Rome’s imperial frustrations—from Vespasian through the following three emperor’s up to Hadrian then Titus—of radical Jewish-Messianic zealots in Palestine were vanquished and surviving pockets of Jews lost all desire for independence, diversions from the actual facts of Jewish-Roman history as covered above were increasingly rewritten to accommodate a stronger, Monistic, orthodox Roman Church with a Roman Messiah, or Christ. Emperor Constantine made Greco-Roman Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, and seized upon the most opportunistic silver-lined social crisis in Roman Principate history:  imperial socialism. With the aid of softer, more liberal Hellenic-Herodian Judaism, that is… not of the old Palestinian, Maccabean-Hasmonean Second Temple sectarianism, Constantine and his Greek Archbishops stabilized the internal fracturing and split of the empire via theological orthodoxy for almost two centuries.

Yet Constantine’s ecumenical commissions could not stop the self-inflicted hemorrhaging. As the golden age of imperial Rome faded, her aggressively ambitious nobility and aristocracy grew more corrupt, more greedy, and created a power-vacuum that was filled by the Greco-Roman Catholic Church. In 380 CE the Hellenic-Hispanian Emperor Theodosius the Great goes even further by declaring any pagan or non-Catholic Christian religion/cult heretical and illegal. One more step remained before non-Catholic/Christians, now all Jews included, were openly oppressed, persecuted (see Part II: Christian Persecution of Jews by James E. Seaver) and punishable by imprisonment and torture. This had begun in 392-395 CE.

Today, these three cancerous D’s above illegally incarcerated inside modern Protestant evangelical-fundamental Christianity and Catholicism. They have developed a vaccination of an antibiotic resistance/impunity upon the masses because far too many scholars, secularists, and intellectuals are not injecting the antibiotic of authentic, verified Second Temple Judaism/Messianism and Sectarianism as it applies directly and indirectly to Yeshua bar Yosef (Jesus) the Nasoraean/Nasari. Jesus was most certainly closely associated with the Nasoraeans/Nazarenes/Nasara, the Ebionites, and the Essenes of Qumran. Some of Jesus’ authentic teachings in the Synoptic Gospels reflect themes of these three rural Jewish sects. However, Jesus was most certainly NOT the Hebrew Messiah! The later Greco-Roman “Christ™” caricature as shown here is a Hellenic impostor, a fraud of true Jewish Messianism!

What can moderate, or indifferent, neutral, independent observers and thinkers do today who, like me, are surrounded daily by a majority of scammed, duped Christological Faith-Followers, but don’t know how to dialogue with them? My first suggestion is to ask them my initial question above: Was Jesus a Jew? My second suggestion… commit fully, 110% to be a forensic investigator and specialist, similar to your favorite film/TV detective or homicide character, trying to solve your best friend’s murder. To be fair, have the Christological Faith-Follower to be your mature and civil companion in the investigation. It’s quite proper to hold them accountable to their commitment. It will show their level of integrity and honor, or lack of. Right?

∼ ∼ ∼ § ∼ ∼ ∼

The Timelessness of Modern Forensic Science

Why has forensic science become an increasingly reliable, trusted, and needed investigative component in criminology the last 20-years? The immediate answer to that is that prior to late 20th-century criminal trials/justice many defendants were falsely accused, setup/framed, and sentenced for crimes they did not commit. If you did not know people in high places to help, if you were disliked/hated, the presented (false) evidence painted a guilty verdict for the accused. In other words, unethical immoral men in positions of law-enforcement, law practice, overseeing judges, were able to manipulate legal cases according to personal and outlaw bias/ideology. This included the personal freedom or license to specific selected elite members for their self-defined enforcements (backed by authority) to exercise their own personal bigotry. Forensic science reduces or takes away man’s egocentric corruption, bias, and immorality.

What is forensics to the 21st century Spiritual-seeker?

From the 16th century, when medical practitioners began using forensic science to writings in the late 18th century that revealed the first evidence of modern pathology, to the formation of the first school of forensic science in 1909; the development of forensic science has been used to uncover mysteries, solve crimes, and convict or exonerate suspects of crime for hundreds of years.

Forensic science disciplines
Small sampling of disciplines in forensic science

The extraordinary scientific innovations and advancements in forensic science have allowed it to become a highly developed science involving a number of disciplines and thousands of specialized forensic scientists in everything from DNA and botany to dentistry, anthropology, seismology, meteorology, and many more.

The same forensic methodologies can be used in finding the means, motive(s), and opportunity, then establish the relational and full contextual dynamics between the victim (Jesus the Jew) and all known offenders and possible/probable offenders. Case solved. Then you are liberated completely to avoid the traps, deceptions, and fraudulent claims made by Christianity, or more accurately Christology. If you think you need more help, try my page Why Christianity Will Always FailYou are also welcome to contact me personally via my Contact Dwain page.

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For further expansions and reading on the ruse of Christianity:


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always — Open All Gift-horse Mouths!

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    • Hah! I was unaware the KJV Bible (vs. the KGB/KJB) of 17th-century England (vs. Rome, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Constantinople) was copacetic with 1st-century Jewish Jesus! 😮 Eh, what tha heck! Sure! What’s a few 1,500 – 1,600 years, 7-10 different cultures/kingdoms, and 4,800+ kilometers?

      Did King James have tea and crumpets with Jesus? 😉

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  1. All that matters anymore is, was Jesus a real person or not (and in the minds of Christianity that is enough) Only a brief mention outside the Bible will do. Couple this with the faux pas of the neurological trap (faith requirement) and you can make it all true just by feeling good about your decision to believe it. This was exceptionally written. You did it!

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    • You are right Jim, you hit the bulls-eye Robin Hood style. There are sizable populations today that believe Sasquatch is real, alien abductions and alien crop-circles are real, the Amityville horror or Satanic possessions are real, the Hitler Diaries are real, and personalized divine revelations from Yahweh, God, or Allah are totally real. I’ve spoken in person to many like this when I was employed for years at a Psych/A&D hospital on the Child, Adolescent, and Adult Acute Units.

      The imperfect, faulty neurological capacity of the human brain and body’s nervous-system to make “REAL” auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, and general somatic hallucinations is actually much more prevalent than 2/3rds (3/4ths?) of the human race realize. This is especially true within a Herd-Mob-Group theatrically inciting/supporting these neural stimulations via the Placebo-effect.

      As a minority, or outsider, or solo person, the individual human brain is quite malleable, vulnerable to Peer-pressure/assimilation, and gullible to Mob-Herd behavior… deceptive or genuine, right or wrong. The way to hedge against these type of risky/harmful conditions is to invest in the LARGEST, most DIVERSE panel of peer-evaluation, peer-scrutiny possible with willing transparency and a good sense of humor/humility of self! Well, at least that’s MY personal opinion. 😉

      Thanks for reading, the feedback, and the compliment Sir. ❤

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      • The deception is intentional. They present only half the story (the controlling half) suppressing the rest, and that story part finishes the path to true enlightenment—to know it’s a never ending game. They don’t walk you through to the final parts they get (hence they don’t follow the rules they set for us) because they know it would destroy their power.

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      • Yep. That’s pretty much the Oscar-winning satirical version of How to Try and NOT Be the Messiah Ark! 😄

        What most all modern Christians don’t know either with regard to the Hebrew word Moshiach-Messiah is that the proper translation is “anointed,” BUT refers to the ritual of anointing and consecrating someone or something with oil. Throughout the Tanakh this ritual had a variety of uses on individuals and objects. For example, unleavened bread, priests, prophets, Temple utensils, Jewish Kings and Gentile/Pagan kings (Isa 45:1)! And notice too all those examples are in PLURAL form, i.e. Messiahs. There was always flexibility and interpretation for tribal Heads, prophets, kings, priests, judges, the Sanhedrin, and in the modern era, Rabbis.

        I’d wager that 98.9% of Christians today have no clue about THIS part of their own religion’s or Faith’s roots, pedigree. And I’m being kind. 😉

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    • Indeed John. If there’s one facet of Second Temple Judaism that almost all historical, biblical, anthropological, and archaeological scholars agree on it’s the diversity or wide spectrum of sectarianism of the Roman Eras of Palestinian Jews from cordial, to tolerant disagreement, to armed conflict. I guess all sectors of society then or today have their extremists, huh? Dr. Lawrence Schiffman gives a very accurate picture of this Jewish Sectarianism in his essay “CHALLENGE AND TRANSFORMATION: SECOND TEMPLE AND RABBINIC JUDAISM” specifically the 9th part/last section “Interrelation of the Jewish Sects” found here:

      But I’d have to ask those long, dead, bemoaning Jews “Which Jesus? There’s many Yeshuas across Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Idumaea, etc, and within the Essenes, Ebionites, and Nasara/Nasoraens/Nazarenes and other small, rural, ascetic groups.” Or are they bemoaning the Greek Apotheotic Christ? 😉

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  2. Hello Professor, and a very good day to you, my friend! Now, I have an admission, that being of my pathological aversion to articles about religion. Yours, I have no doubt, are quite superbly wrought, erudite beyond compare; yet even in instances of ejaculations courtesy of your own massive quill, I still would fear the aforementioned affliction (that’s literally alliteration) may overcome me. And now, I must return to the mundanities of my petty, quotidian existence, to wit (as of this afternoon) the Ashes Test Match conveyed via the godless, tireless, wireless. To hell with the deities and their religious cosmologies, I say!

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    • Hahaha… why THANK YOU Sir. 🤩 My “massive quill” you rightly fear is a sight to behold and even MORE impressive in all its glorious action and cursive, obviously right? I come from good stock… only the FINEST breed of Texian Colossus-muticus-peaCOCKUS avian quill! 🦚 And you should hear how all the gods and goddesses react to it! 😈

      Yes, TO HELL with all this religious mumbo-jumbo! 😛

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  3. It seems pretty clear that the Romans had it up … to … here … with Messianic Judaism. If you look at the NT dispassionately and if you exclude (for the moment) the gospels and Acts, there really is no reference to an earthly Jesus. The Jesus of the epistles is a heavenly being, created as all of the other heavenly beings were created. Once postulated, “Christians” scoured the OT looking for “revelations” of Jesus embedded there. The fact that they “found” so much such revelation, most of which was either incorrect or stretched beyond reason, is an indication of the actual basis of their work.

    Then, if you think about how the Hebrews of the early first century were anticipating a messiah to deliver them from the yoke of Rome, yet a short while later, Christianity, a Jewish sect, becomes first an official religion of Rome and then the official religion of Rome, tells you everything you need to know. While Rome probably didn’t write Christianity, they shaped it to their hand.

    The gospels and acts are clearly fictional. Mark was written, as so many Hebrew diatribes were, to castigate the Jews for not recognizing the savior in their midst. Virtually everything in Mark refers to an OT trope focused upon Jewish failures. And the other three gospels borrow heavily from Mark, which means they didn’t know it was fictional and therefore they had no historical evidence to tell the difference.

    Religions have always been shaped to be tools of the secular elites. The early history of the church, shows the Christian prelates falling all over themselves seeking the Roman emperor’s favor, especially to help them win their theological wars with other Christians. Those very same prelates who preached tolerance when Christianity was on the outs, were first in line recommended the extermination of heresy (and heretical Christans–kill them all and let God sort them out) when they got in favor of the emperor.

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    • An excellent rendition Steve! Thank you Sir.

      While Rome probably didn’t write Christianity, they shaped it to their hand.

      And that distressing historical fact Steve is further gleaned, nailed thru the wrists and ankles if you will, 😉 ONLY WHEN one has a deep, more-than-basic appreciation and understanding of authentic Second Temple Sectarian Judaism/Messianism! If you don’t, then you DO NOT know who Jesus/Yeshua bar Yosef really was and never will.

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        • Ah, well thank you Jeff. I fear you are too kind. As Nan and several others reliably/correctly point out my nagging need for exhaustive detail to convey a critical point/points. Yes, I do sometimes perform it with overkill. Guilty as charged. 😆 I am what I am and I’m very grateful for mega-patient blog-followers like Nan, you, Ark, Robert, John Zande, Hariod, etc, who candidly and comically tell me the way it is and have earned my grateful trust to do so. I wouldn’t have it any other way from them. 😉 ❤

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  4. A well-researched and interesting treatise, Professor. It would appear that the Masters of the World, through each successive dominant civilization, have used religion as a dominant force for controlling the masses. Considering the moral corruption pervasive in the Roman Catholic Church in our times, the fanaticism of fundamentalist Christians, and America’s undying support for modern day Israel, I fear that our Greco-Roman Messiah has failed humanity “in ushering in global peace.”

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    • How true Rosaliene. The funny thing is it’s US humans who have failed humanity by having this ridiculous obsession with UNaccountability, or a habitual sending of a Proxy and avoiding blame… a passing the buck for crappy self-responsibility!!!! And all for fear of completely fictitious Deities and Demons. 😄 Geezzz, us/me help us/me… instead of God help us. LOL

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  5. I can’t help but ask … did you intend or were you aware of the length of that first sentence of your Prologue?

    As for the rest of your literary ejaculation, I’m afraid I’m “not in the mood.” 😛 (Although I feel certain you gave a great performance.)

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    • Hahahaha! Touché Nan. No worries about “not in the mood.” If anything, I wrote this primarily for anyone inside the trap/prison of Christology who are doubting, asking questions they fear will ostracize them from the Herd, the congregation and church staff. Of course, this is not you or your crowd. 😉

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    • I’ll go back to that Prologue and reread it, improve it. Part of my problem Nan, as you have likely surmised, is that… my obsession with thoroughness and full accurate context, in the time it demands of me to achieve, I am interrupted constantly by many things, many people. THAT is my biggest issue when wanting to do an Above-average to excellent work. Blame (partly) my USMC perfectionist Dad. HAH! Growing up I could never get away with shoddy lazy work. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      • Perhaps you could try to reduce the number of terms you use to describe a point?
        Make things a little more concise?
        ”Due to the continued alarming rise of Prosperity Theology in Texas, Bible-belt States, and the American Midwest since the 1950’s and more so through the 80’s and reaching the 21st century, I was compelled to write this post.”

        For example ….

        ”Due to the alarming rise of Prosperity Theology in the *US from the 1950’s to the present day, I felt compelled to write this post.”

        Nothing is really lost with editing and you could asterisk points and include them in a reference at the end.
        Just a thought?

        Liked by 2 people

        • Yes Ark! See, you could be my part-time or full-time Editor and Chief, yes!? Do you do editing en gratis? 😉

          I just changed my Prologue before you suggested this. Sorry. I think I’ll leave it as is now. However, to your suggestion… I really do like the asterisk points/footnotes(?), I just haven’t spent the time to perfect that format style and HTML feature on WordPress. And of course, ‘time, time, never enough time’ is my constant annoying Gremlin harassing me. 😠😒 As you can see, I struggle now with finishing 1 quality(?) post per month, 2 per month is often exhausting do to extenuating circumstances in my life. :/

          Nevertheless, many thanks Ark! Please keep your feedback coming, critical or supportive. 👍

          Liked by 1 person

            • Hahaha! Yes, true again. Nan, you always shoot me right between the eyes or square in the chest! 🎯😄

              However, in my defense fewer words can also lead to (gross) misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations — e.g. Haste makes waste. 😉 There’s pros and cons, gives and takes in most everything in life.

              On the subject of 500+ – 700+ years of ancient history, PLUS so much of it that was intentionally distorted or destroyed, makes this subject daunting IF one wants to get it right. Or perhaps a high degree of plausibility for mostly right, huh? 😉

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          • I would like to consider it critical and supportive.
            What editing skills I may have are gleaned from others far more competent.
            And of course, there are bound to be others who believe the essay loses something because of my preference for brevity.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Ark, you wrote, there are bound to be others who believe the essay loses something because of my preference for brevity. And I have to say … not me!

              Many (many) years ago I had a teacher talk to me about superfluous writing. This was after she had “marked up” one of my writing contributions (there wasn’t a whole lot left). After getting over hurt feelings, I took her words to heart and changed my style — and got better grades. 🙂

              In any case, I share the sentiments expressed in your first sentence.

              Liked by 2 people

            • I welcome and sometimes/often agree with you two on your critiques and support. Ark, if there’s one HUGE thing you learn quick as a pro and semi-pro footballer is you DAMN WELL better accept criticism and turn it into improvement, success, and YOUR honor to be so taught by more competent Been-there-Done-that still doing it and won the World Cup and/or UEFA Champions League finals, huh?

              If you want to improve and be better and better, welcome scrutiny! Hurt feelings aren’t the end of the world! They’re temporary. Though we American footballing men were utterly embarrassed and way outclassed last night by Mexico, get off your bruised asses and fat bottom-lips and go play in Europe’s elite leagues on world-class team rosters as a starter… like the majority of the Mexican players do and have been doing for eons! LOL 😉

              Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah, those hurt feelings!
              I read something by Elmore Leonard in which he wrote go through your work and get rid of all the adverbs.
              I didn’t remove them all but I did get rid of a hell of a lot.
              It certainly helped sharpen and tighten up my (novel) writing.

              Liked by 2 people

            • Grrrrr, see! I KNEW it would eventually get to my “just sufficient” grammar, writing, and sentence-structure skills. 😔 In school and university that was never my passion. I wanted to be doing something else — like on the football/futebol field! Now I am suffering for my complacency in Good Writing aren’t I? That’s a good tip, “get rid of all the adverbs.” Thank you.

              I am in the first third of an online college writing class right now. I started it in May… if that tells you anything about my time restraints. LOL


            • Eventually, everything will be spiffingly, tremendously,precisely precise ; increasingly erudite and linguistically concise with hardly a flowery eructation to be visibly seen or aurally heard.
              Your online college writing course should make your literary effusions pleasantly perfumed, particularly pleasing and as Mary Poppins might say: practically perfect in every way!


              Liked by 2 people

            • All right.
              Alright is a made-up word, ‘s’not proper English.

              I’m sure your class tutor will tell you that at some point.
              Ducks behind the sofa as the china starts flying.

              Liked by 2 people

            • And I take it YOU are now that class Tutor, right? And your Femme-fatale assistant is none other than Nasty “Big-Ruler-of–Pain” Nan, right!?

              (opens the china cabinets to wield his blood-red 20-gauge Fine-China-Cannon™ with lazer scope!)

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