Republicans Say Trump is Done

When I read this headline The Trump Presidency Is Over followed by the sub-header of It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. written by a life-long Republican supporter and contributing journalist Peter Wehner for The Atlantic, I was relieved and astonished. I had to stop my current work on a different blog-post and quickly share this news. Really? Say it isn’t so! They are indeed rational?

Finally the moderate, but deeply loyal party-line Republicans who foolishly bought into Trump’s dump-truck loads of ridiculous rhetoric were waking up out of their coma and stupor of hardcore, blind party-lines-first addiction and foremost gaining some rational logic, critical-thinking and assessing, re-establishing needed science, and returning to an old American tradition of the greater good for all Americans. Someone who finally came to their senses, a long-time Republican devotee was finally courageous enough to speak-up and say enough is enough from this Mob-style, audacious, delusional, lying Con-artist! Bravo, bravo, BRAVO Peter Wehner! Here are his opening two paragraphs:

When, in January 2016, I wrote that despite being a lifelong Republican who worked in the previous three GOP administrations, I would never vote for Donald Trump, even though his administration would align much more with my policy views than a Hillary Clinton presidency would, a lot of my Republican friends were befuddled. How could I not vote for a person who checked far more of my policy boxes than his opponent?

What I explained then, and what I have said many times since, is that Trump is fundamentally unfit—intellectually, morally, temperamentally, and psychologically—for office. For me, that is the paramount consideration in electing a president, in part because at some point it’s reasonable to expect that a president will face an unexpected crisis—and at that point, the president’s judgment and discernment, his character and leadership ability, will really matter.

But let me skip ahead in his telling article to correctly be as fair as possible on his own party’s representative, as opposed to a true representative of the American people as a whole or the U.S.’s core principles of a Constitutional democracy and supporter of all its sacred institutions:

To be sure, the president isn’t responsible for either the coronavirus or the disease it causes, COVID-19, and he couldn’t have stopped it from hitting our shores even if he had done everything right.


That said, the president and his administration are responsible for grave, costly errors, most especially the epic manufacturing failures in diagnostic testing, the decision to test too few people, the delay in expanding testing to labs outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and problems in the supply chain. These mistakes have left us blind and badly behind the curve, and, for a few crucial weeks, they created a false sense of security. What we now know is that the coronavirus silently spread for several weeks, without us being aware of it and while we were doing nothing to stop it. Containment and mitigation efforts could have significantly slowed its spread at an early, critical point, but we frittered away that opportunity.

I hardly need say anymore on this complete failure of Presidential and Executive Branch experience, leadership, and savvy to run a great nation such as the USA that so many duped Americans helped put in the Oval Office on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. What IS going to be horribly sad and unforgettable for the legacy of one of America’s worst Presidents in all our 244-year history and 4-years of instability is that he was basically clueless of federal protocols and foolish in thinking our nation could be run exactly like his dubious private businesses, six failed bankrupt ventures included, and dupe a large portion of American voters into thinking radical, extreme, bullying, fear-spreading, and reckless business-dealing would EVER work in governing a global economic player-nation with a plethora of other diplomatic and foreign entities, especially when valuable allies and semi-allies require superb grace, wit, respect, and often a show of stoicism and verbalizing less as opposed to bowing up your chest and behaving like a 10-year old school-yard bull in a China closet.

Enough said. Take it on the chin America, learn this painful lesson. Then please read the entire Peter Wehner article in The Atlantic and his critique of our fake, tragically bogus, “unfit” President that duped many, MANY American voters in 2016.


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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25 thoughts on “Republicans Say Trump is Done

  1. I’ve heard Kelly Anne Conway’s hubby and the conservative group he’s with are running anti-Trump ads on Fox TV criticizing Trump’s young’uns for being privileged, spoiled brats. I never watch Fox so I’ve not seen them, but I do like the idea.

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    • I do hope that is the case Jeff. There comes a point in time when no matter what party you belong to… we are supposed to ULTIMATELY be a UNITED States of Americans—i.e. there are plenty of issues, points, and progress we ALL agree upon rather than overly emphasizing everything we differ on! For one, aren’t we all human beings capable of sympathy/empathy despite other differences!? To me that is a totally fair question.


  2. Have you heard that someone has refuted this article (can’t remember where I read this) and, of course, defended Trump for any and all actions?

    And why should we be surprised? Trump himself has declared he takes no responsibility! Although he was defending himself against the virus debacle, we know it’s his core belief about himself in any and all circumstances.

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      • Refutations and rebuttals don’t surprise me; everybody has them. But as I was mentioning to Jeff above, there eventually comes a point in human societal dynamics where being MORE human, with active sympathy/empathy for each other DESPITE differences and either manifest or don’t! In tRump’s case it never manifests. Differences like zip codes, economic-class, and ethnicity are still part of a UNITED States of America according to the core principles of our Constitution and THREE branches of government—checks-n-balances—designed by our core Founding Fathers. During any national crisis our Commander-in-Chief should NEVER be tossing blame everywhere, especially onto previous Administrations! That’s a blame-game that honestly, technically, and historically never ends! Anyone can find loads of blame in our nation’s past, just ask the Native American Indian tribes.

        I would quickly ask why the horrible business man has a record of SIX (6) bankruptcies. What happened with the Atlantic City Taj Mahal??? There are STILL many people that were part of that numb-skull venture that have never been paid what they were promised by tRump and his appointees.

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  3. They are indeed rational?…..were waking up out of their coma…..

    I don’t understand the reason for the plurals. As best I can tell from what you’ve cited, one Republican has managed to arrive at the insights you describe, doubtless to be trashed by the legions of knuckle-dragging Deliverance mutants who make up the true Republican party.

    I maintain that a good Republican is definitionally impossible. Given what the Republican party has become, the mark of a “good” one would be to leave the party. The “good” ones are not Republicans any more, and anybody who is still a Republican is, by definition, not good. I’m specifically including people like Wehner and Charlie Baker. They’re assholes to the core — they have to be. If they weren’t, they’d have left the Republican party.

    We need to stop doing the prodigal-son thing with Republicans. I’m sick of hearing praise for Romney for voting for one of the articles of impeachment, for example. He has a totally safe seat in an ultra-red state where Trump isn’t all that popular. The truly courageous vote was that of Doug Jones, who is facing almost certain defeat this year and must have felt tempted to try and save himself by voting with Trump. He’s the one who deserves praise, not Romney.

    Recognizing that Trump is an evil and malignant asshole doesn’t take any special insight. More than half the US population knows that and has known it all along. Many, many politicians have striven mightily against him and worked to thwart his atrocities, without at the same time soiling themselves with membership on the corrupt and rotted-out political party which has been facilitating those atrocities since day one.

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    • I actually can’t disagree with you Infidel or invent a reasonable rebuttal to your candid remark. 😄 I guess since I rarely hear or read from long-time Republicans that I know personally, reading something like Peter Wehner’s article for me is refreshing! Here in Texas one just doesn’t hear/read to many fed-up Repubs slamming the Con-artist Mob-style leader. Though Peter stated in the article he did NOT vote for tRump in 2016 (for very good reasons), I know way too many that did because they just didn’t want Hillary or a Democrat to win. Obviously those are cowardly reasons to put our nation on a 4-year or 8-year speeding train-wreck. 😔

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    • Sometimes we mob-herd driven humans are like a bunch of fat, lazy grey-uniformed frogs inside a hot rising temp of the frying pan with grits, huh Rosaliene?

      Um, hey J.E.B. 🐸 Are your legs and ass beginning to melt and stick to the bottom of this cast iron-skillet too!?” 🔥🍗

      You’re welcome to share J.E.B.’s reply back to Beauregard if you’d like Rosaliene. 😉 🤭

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  4. The Atlantic is a bastion / haven for Never Trumpers, starting with editor David Frum. I welcome them with open arms, but they are definitely the exception to the norm, and The Atlantic both does good by giving voice to this minority and also distorts by perhaps making more of the movement than is truly the case. It is clear that the mainstream GOP increasingly tunes out The Atlantic, labeling it as fake news. As much as I would like to believe that this piece speaks for a newly-dissenting sector of the GOP, I am cynical of its ability to persuade other Republicans to leave Trump.

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    • Hello nichtisobel. Welcome and thanks for commenting. Feel free to stop by again anytime and share your feedback, thoughts, etc. 🙂

      As a whole yes, The Atlantic is rated by, PolitiFact, Snopes, and all pretty much rate the news organization “Left-centered,” but still closer to Center-Least-Biased * as opposed to the extremities of Extremely Liberal-Biased (Left) or Extremely Conservative-Biased (Right). As I’m sure you’d admit, there are plenty of news-propaganda organizations today that are much more extreme. The aforementioned Fact/Bias Checking Groups, however, do rate The Atlantic “High” in factual reporting. Also, I believe Jeffrey Goldberg is the current Editor-in-Chief, not Frum, unless something changed very recently. But aside from the magazine, Peter Wehner is just a contributing journalist and not representative of The Atlantic, as I’m sure you noticed.

      * —

      All that said, I personally do TRY to suspend my own personal preferences/beliefs in order to read/listen to more Moderate or Conservative viewpoints, sometimes (not often) even extreme viewpoints… just to keep myself somewhat balanced, grounded, and in-tune with the REAL, truly diverse world out there and not just stagnate in my own “circles.” 🙂

      Again, thanks for the comment and feel free to come around more.


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