From Rope to Threads

Well, as much as I’d rather post something more comical, scientific, or spell-bounding intriguing… this quick post will be simply a matter-of-fact report (rant) on current goings-on with me, those around me, and stuff in the U.S. If you were wanting/needing a lift-me-up blog-post, best you go somewhere else this time. I’m a realist as well as a hopeful optimistic realist. 😉

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Dallas, TX has very recently experienced over one week of triple-digit temperatures. Today’s expected high (yesterday’s) was a cool frigid 93º Fahrenheit. A happy respite from the 103-106 temps the other week. Most of those days we were also under National Weather Service “Excessive Heat Warnings” and “Air Quality Alerts.” The latter is basically a warning of high levels of ozone air pollution from man-made machines, factories, and refineries to go along with methane and CO² up there. This also includes dust/dirt in lower strata from heavy construction equipment, state-sanctioned (roads & highways) and/or private-sector contractors everywhere in the DFW Metroplex. That pollution is distinctly worse during windy days.

I watched this afternoon, about 1 or 2pm, out my front window three (3) Dallas Police Officers (all white), in two squad-cars, and one of the onsite property managers remove two different residents from my building who were apparently delinquent on their (daily?) monthly rent. One resident, a male perhaps in his late 30’s, packed up everything he could into his massive backpack and rolling suitcase, more things in bags under one arm, and walk out to the street. He then walked down the street until he was out of sight. He may have continued on to the busy 6-lane intersection a half-mile away, under a state highway bridge, with some 6-8 other homeless people (6-8 on a daily basis that is) holding cardboard signs walking out into and around stopped vehicles.

The other residents, a couple perhaps in their late 20’s, began packing up their little beat up used compact car—which was already quite full with tons of other belongings—eventually evacuated the property under watchful eyes of police and property management. As they left, their vehicle’s exhaust was visibly blue smoke; oil leak(s). I doubt their car would pass the state inspection laws in order to obtain liability insurance, required by law to own and operate a vehicle, assuming of course they owned it and possessed current, valid liability insurance minimums. The last 6-8 months I’ve witnessed these sorts of evictions take place. What is glaringly obvious are the vast numbers of homeless people everywhere on our busy street corners and intersections the last 12-24 months. It’s impossible to not notice.

This past week I’ve tried to help this neighbor three doors down. About 2-weeks ago his compact vehicle had a major breakdown. Jumper cables didn’t help. A tow-truck came to haul it off to some repair shop. His only source of income is his job as a Lift/Uber driver. He pays his rent week to week, for obvious reasons. Yesterday I drove him 8-miles to the shop his car was being worked on. It’s in a “sketchy” part of town at a very rundown business building of many old used vehicles scattered everywhere outside. They fill-up the make-shift parking lot.

When he returns to my car where I’m waiting—to make sure his car REALLY IS fixed/ready—with an obvious down-trodden face he tells me There’s a snag, a hangup. Can you wait a bit longer? I tell him of course. Ten minutes later he returns with all of his belongings to go straight to work, and tells me the part that was sent to them had stripped threads. He soon told me with an upset tone that he’s sure THEY (the shop) fucked-up the refurbished replacement part. I must take him back home… without his vehicle (for income). This foul-up has now cost him another full-day of income, making it the 5th day without making money. Today, to help him out at least a tiny bit, I go to the management office and pay for one night on his room/place. That’s all I could afford given my own strapped situation.

I literally just received the THIRD Amber Alert in as much as 7-9 days! This doesn’t count the significant increase in Amber Alerts we’ve had in Texas so far just these last 7.5 months! They’ve been going off noticeably more ever since COVID-19 quarantines and businesses and schools shutdown. By the way, that also includes most daycares for working Moms or Dads.

As many of you know, I am a sports fan, particularly a soccer/football fanatic. If any of you in the U.S. are sports fans as well, you know painfully that ALL of our professional and collegiate sports seasons have either been cancelled, postponed, or undetermined. As a result and for the first time in my entire life, I have become a semi-fan of the South Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), watching a few games at 4:35am… because most of this spring and summer there has not really been any other sports viewing-choices right now or there hasn’t been in the U.S. for several months! And I’ve NEVER liked baseball until my son got into it seriously at age 10 over nine years ago. Pfffft, KBO? Seriously!?

If any of you have followed the current American MLB shortened season going on, its season and teams are an organized mess because of COVID-19 infections popping up in at least 4-5 different team’s club houses at different times. The New York Yankees just had 1-2 games postponed because of positive CV-19 tests. More postponements or cancellations might be happening. The entire league’s 60-game season it is said will have a HUGE asterisk attached to it and its October World Series (if it happens?) because of this unprecedented time America and Americans are going through.

I watched two interviews over the past 2-3 weeks that I thought were poignantly revealing summaries of what our country has been put through. Sadly, it did not need to be this bad, not even close! Had our federal leadership heeded all the warnings coming from all the domestic and global experts back in Dec. 2019 thru mid-February 2020, this continuing crisis could have been shortened SIGNIFICANTLY and with much less economic tragedy. But then it happened again this past May over Memorial Day weekend and in another spike July… over 4th of July celebrations and holidays. Here’s what wealthy mogul and former Microsoft owner Bill Gates said about the handling of this pandemic by our federal government and leadership:  Bill Gates on GPS: “Testing insanity” is unique to U.S.

The other interview was by Christiane Amanpour of PBS with former Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich. It is well worth the 3-minute watch, I promise.

Personally, I have been COVID-tested twice now because both times I was experiencing 6 of the 11 symptoms for the lethal virus. Fortunately, both results were negative. But my last CV-19 test, inside Dallas County (one of the worst hot spots in Texas) took almost 5-weeks to return a result. The only reason my two results have been negative is because #1) I stay at home alone as much as possible. #2) because since early March I have social-distanced like an OCD MoFo, I wear a mask anytime I go out in public, I wear rubber gloves when I go into any places of business doing my BASIC shopping for essential items and/or grocery store items. And #3), if I don’t get out of my vehicle, that’s because I’ve shopped online for curbside delivery done by only ONE worker to my car… that is, a car parked over 8-10 feet away from any other vehicle!

And yet, after near 7-months of this consistent distancing, preparation, and wise, considered caution anywhere I go… this has become a change from “doing well enough” in April 2020, to making things tighter and stretching out longer in July 2020—going from a stabilized ship in a horrible storm at sea—to grasping for ropes to cling to as the HMS Titanic goes down, and to now desperately seeking THREADS that might hold me above the surface of a self-created (by my nation & its leaders) Level-5 hurricane I and everyone around me are getting sucked into. And yet there’s more.

Day before yesterday I ran out of one of my two high blood-pressure meds. When I requested the pharmacy to contact my primary care physician’s office for the refill, the next day they called back stating his office denied my request. I know why. I haven’t gone to have my blood lab-work done yet. It costs me $135 (no insurance) to have it all done, plus the tele-visit or video-visit with the doctor to initiate it. Plus on top of that the cost of the generic prescriptions. It’s money I do not currently have because of several other pressing priorities due to COVID-19 affects and consequences on businesses.

Oh well, hopefully life gets better for everyone and reduces hypertension and high blood-pressure—that if chronic, inevitably leads to heart disease and other medical problems. HAH! 😆 That’s a subject Dr. Sanjay Gupta covered in his extensive 1-hour documentary on HBO called One Nation Under StressIn the documentary Dr. Gupta uncovers the root causes of why American life expectancy, that is primarily Caucasian’s life expectancy, is falling and is now shorter than all other major developed countries. It is a disturbing revelation of our nation’s true health. Here’s the trailer:

So what’s the rub? Can we Americans make it until November 4-5? Can we survive with minimal casualties in this raging, unforgiving storm/hurricane of a crisis that could’ve been lessened significantly, probably avoided in many ways? Because this pandemic virus has affected and infected so many socioeconomic and healthcare sectors and lives, that not even I could’ve anticipated, it could get much worse and last much longer! And I am a HUGE nerdy science guy who tries his utmost to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But this shit is going to outlast even my own predictions back in February. I told everyone then this pandemic and its ripple-effects would last till late-August or early-September before a downward trend and gradual respite occurs. It appears my prediction is coming up wrong and well short. 😔😷

I wonder… how in THA HELL did our Greatest Generation (of America) do it for well over 5-6 years during World War II  on top of coming out of the Great Depression!? Holy crap they must of been truly “E plurabus unum” (like superhero MoFos)… like we stamp on all of our coinage. HAH! Is it really a United States of America rather than a DISunited States of America, “One nation, under stress, and very divided!” as our new revised Pledge of Allegiance the last 4-years might be uttered today? Other nations around the world handled and managed the pandemic SO MUCH BETTER than the U.S.! That’s undeniably true.

Ugh, my rant is done. Tired I am. Everyone keep being safe, being well, and safely distanced. Try to keep going and hang in there! I hope I can too. 🙄

∼ ∼ ∼ § ∼ ∼ ∼

P.S. One last thing. Have I ever expressed my rising annoyance with most everything electronic, internet, streaming, or WiFi-based over the last decade or more? And with that near boiling-point annoyance of said electronics I am quickly approaching the brink of ‘going postal.’ Have I expressed that? And how many times all my electronic devices I have ever owned (especially the last 10-12 years!) get overly spammed, hacked, and breakdown into some cyber-neurotic psychotic tantrums after ONLY 24-months from their purchase? Then I am forced to purchase a new cutting-edge “newer” device. Imagine that!

Does anyone else experience this incredibly frustrating, cyclical consumer entrapment on a society addicted to an electronic-everything world? Just a passing thought.

I really miss those days (in the 80’s and 90’s) when items, machines purchased would last a good 10-15 years, easily. Now, most mega-corporate business models are structured to generate what they call “perpetual revenue” and repeat consumers that appease, gratify share-holders for many quarterly P&L reports. Ugh, I so love hyper-capitalism.

That last sentence was extreme satirical sarcasm by the way. 😠


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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30 thoughts on “From Rope to Threads

    • Thank you Tildeb for your understanding. ❤️

      To this day in my 45+ years of contributing to this nation’s GDP and economy, never have I drawn one penny of government aid/help. Not one… with the exception of one 5-month period, drawing unemployment benefits after my company’s owner was busted by the IRS/FBI for fraud and money laundering—my division of that company was dissolved. Lost a $55k per year income there and only had it for 3-months when it happened. 😄 That was in 2003.

      But not that that was any help because it sent me into child-support arrears for the next 16-years. The Texas Attorney General’s Office sank their sharp talons in me and all my financial assets, and never let go until last year. I had to move EVERYTHING from my name into my mother’s name just so they wouldn’t confiscate my safety-nets!!! 😒

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      • That safety net – or the lack thereof – is just it. All too often American government at all levels like to harm that net in whatever form it takes, wait until the public program is broken, and then point out why the public is the worst employer, the worst business, the worst whatever… all to make room for arguing that because of these terrible results privatization is needed. This profits the few. It’s got to stop. There is no excuse for a first world nation to have people suffering but without a strong social safety net in place. There are only selfish, stupid, greedy, and ignorant reasons for this deplorable state.

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        • Tildeb, not sure if you’re a David Bowie fan, but I find this song of his very apropos for any non-Americans today around the world 😄 would you agree?

          Hell, I’m afraid of most Americans too, especially if they’re gun-freaks with personal arsenals!!! Lol


  1. I am really sorry to hear you’re in such a bad personal situation. I had no idea. Have you considered asking readers for donations? I did that last year when I was unemployed and I did get enough help to make a difference.

    I’ve been reading that a rise in evictions is expected, but it seems shortsighted to me, even if people can’t pay the rent. The number of people with secure jobs who can pay rent and want to move in the middle of this pandemic is probably not very large, and if there are a lot of evictions, there will be a lot of vacant apartments competing for those tenants. So renting out an apartment you just evicted somebody from won’t be easy. Landlords might be better off letting people stay and working out an arrangement for when they get work again.

    Both my computers are at least a decade old and work just fine. One of them runs Windows 7, so I don’t connect that one to the internet any more since Microsoft ended support for it, but there’s nothing wrong with it. My printer is pretty lousy, but I hear they all are. Those are the only electronics I have.

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    • Thank you Infidel. 🙂

      Funny and ironic, for a week now our property has had serious WiFi/internet problems of reliability. The biggest issue for our building? We have total disconnects and reboots every 2-3 minutes during normal operation hours on weekdays, then it’s worse over weekends. After midnight the “crashes” are fewer and far between… until about 6-7am. Just getting this reply to you has taken me almost 25-mins for just these seven sentences! 😄 The WiFi crashed at least 5-times while trying to answer you and Tildeb above. 🙄

      Therefore, I’ll need to come back to you later off-and-on. Apologies Sir.

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    • Considered asking readers for donations?

      Ah, like the GoFundMe site by my business owner example Shelley Luther of Salon Á la Mode in north Dallas, in my May 2020 blog-post? She made over $500,000 in about a month from Republican donations! HAH! Wonder if I could swing that?

      Landlords might be better off letting people stay and working out an arrangement for when they get work again.

      I believe there are a handful of landlords doing that Infidel, but my corporate property owners are not. About 3-months ago I was speaking to another resident in one of the other buildings and they said the corporate HQ told them “Sorry, that’s life.

      Regarding my Dell laptop with Windows 10 and Android Motorola phone with Verizon Wireless, your point of “ended support” is exactly one of many pet-peaves of what I am FORCED to deal with every 4-6 years with constantly newer electronic devices—because everything is outdated in 3-years or less—and the OS’s (software) they operate under or browsers they utilize: Microsoft, Google, or Apple… are antiquated. What’s more irritating is that I have also been forced to become a pseudo-professional software engineer… in order to moderately operate these devices!!! I AM NOT PAID to be a software engineer or IT Problem-resolver, much less do that work those companies/corporations should be doing for me!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Damn, that’s terrible internet service. Have you considered switching to a different ISP? I’ve never used WiFi so I don’t know how reliable it normally is, but that’s unacceptable, especially at a time when so many people are relying on the internet to do their jobs.

        For donations, most people just set up a PayPal button in their sidebar and put up a post explaining why they need help (here’s mine from October). Test the button by sending yourself ten bucks or so to make sure it works. There’s no shame in asking for help when you’re in a tough spot. Some bloggers even hold annual “fundraisers” regardless.

        Here in Oregon, evictions are a rather onerous process regardless of the reason — the state has some protections for tenants in place. It wouldn’t surprise me if Texas doesn’t.

        Ending support for Windows 7 was an effort to force people to switch to Windows 10, which I refuse to do because it’s basically spyware. I had an old Windows 8 laptop which I’d had for years and hardly ever used — I can’t even remember now why I bought it. So I got it out and now use it exclusively for doing stuff on the internet, while using the older Windows 7 computer for all my non-internet stuff (so the fact that Windows 7 is no longer supported doesn’t present any danger since it’s never connected to the net). The newest electronic thing I have is the monitor for the Windows 7 computer and that’s eight years old. Everything works just fine. I suppose at some point something will break down, but I’ll deal with that when I come to it. I don’t have a smartphone and refuse to get one. They can’t force me to “upgrade” because I just refuse to participate.

        I do hope you can at least get that blood work done. High blood pressure is dangerous. There are dietary changes that can help, but I assume you know about that.

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        • Dear Infidel753 and Dwain,

          I have never found myself enamoured with small screens. There are many other reasons to doubt or even reject cellphones and mobile devices, given that they are especially plagued with unresolved limitation in functionality, rapid obsolescence and problems of disposal, resulting in millions of these portable devices going to landfills and poisoning the environment (as well as some of the workers assembling them in “sweat shops”) every year.

          In addition, I sincerely hope that it is just a phase that current mobile devices have such tiny screens. They will have (very) large screens in the coming years, when, in the not too distant future, scrollable, paper-thin technology will arrive, and the ultra-thin mobile device will have a screen as big as a newspaper or magazine, yet it is very light, foldable and/or scrollable, meaning that it can be collapsed or folded up to put in one’s pocket. So, when such foldable, collapsible or rollable mobiles become available, most or all of the current web apps developed for small screens of current mobile devices (and the need for, and limitation imposed by, texting and SMS messaging) will be obsolete or superfluous, whilst the usual websites will continue and function as they have been for many decades in the past, and many more decades into the future.

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  2. Oh my. I don’t know where to start! While I so appreciate you sharing your current situation, at the same time, it disturbs me to the core. What a fiasco of events!

    And those poor people who got “kicked out” onto the streets. I agree with Infidel … does the landlord/owner actually think someone (with $$) is going to rush in and rent the spots? Personally, I hope it stays vacant for weeks to come. Poetic justice.

    At least you have one bright note in that your “symptoms” didn’t lead to a positive test!

    Re: computers. Not sure why you’re getting “overly spammed, hacked” when there are tons of protection programs available … ?? Like Infidel, I have a 8-10 year old computer (with Win 7) that continues to purr along. I did replace it a few years ago with a newer model but it was only because the old one was beginning to run too slow. I did keep it, however, because it has programs that Win 10 rebuffs.

    Anyway, keep the faith, PT. This HORRIBLE situation MUST come to an end at some point. Hopefully we won’t all go berserk before then.

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    • Nan, I’m back… supposedly after the bad, unreliable WiFi internet routers have been repaired/improved, so they say in the Mgt Office. But those folks are NOT I.T. or software-electronic engineers either so how would they really know? 🤷‍♂️ Time will tell.

      On the topic of evictions here, I am in agreement with you and Infidel as well. However, in this day and age in Republican dominated business policies and politics in Texas—which eventually lead to pro-Republican property & leasing laws—there is certainly NOT ENOUGH patience, understanding, grace-periods, debt-forgiveness and compassion as a whole in Texas.

      Regarding my two test results, yes… those negative results are indeed encouraging, however, they came at a great deal of personal sacrifice. Sacrifice in my normal social activities as well as living needs, i.e. staying home A LOT! Since late February doing everything the CDC, epidemiologists, and virologists recommended!!! But due to “rebels” this pandemic is being perpetuated for much longer than it needed to be. 😠

      On computers and antiquated technology you mentioned “…because the old one was beginning to run too slow.” The worst of that I’m finding are now with cell phones. My brand new Android Moto e5 Go (only 4G) and HEAVILY ladened by/with Google Services… has had only one new update about 3-weeks ago and already it is running noticeably slower than the first 5-days I had it and was just learning to operate it. Since it is SO BOUND by all Google Services running constantly and demanding access to all my personal files everywhere in order to function optimally… its graphics are way too slow for such a brand new phone!

      Furthermore, I must charge the battery now every single day!!! 😡 Five or ten years ago I only had to charge my cell phone maybe every 3rd or 4th day!!! This is EXTREMELY annoying to be constantly tied to an electrical outlet or power-source for the ONLY phone anybody ever has anymore!!! So much is now enslaved by our phones, internet, and tech-electronics!!! I have to think way too much now about the condition/status of my cell phone, laptop, and electronics—like what dominates my 2007 Toyota Camry!!! 🤬

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      • Curious … an Android phone?!!? I mean, in today’s electronic world, I thought EVERYONE had an iPhone. 😮

        Glad you’re back in action. BTW, how’s the love life? You haven’t shared much about your lady-friend lately. 💕

        Liked by 1 person

        • 😆 HAH! iPhone? Android? One or the other… like our nation’s politics? LOL…for your vote to really count today, you have to either vote Republican or Democrat. Sorry, no other choice… even if it means your TRUE candidate you want to vote for perfectly fits your values & principles despite not being Repub or Dem… your vote will not count, your voice will not be heard. Is that what you mean Nan? 😉 hehe

          Re: my love-life, I’ll shoot you an email tonight or tomorrow. 😉 But that is SO NICE of you to ask about Nan. Thank you! ❤️

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  3. Hey, if COVID-19 doesn’t kill us at this late stage version, capitalism will.

    Oh, and John Kasich is voting for Biden because his wealthy paymasters told him to. Puppets are born to have their strings pulled.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t doubt that about Kasich being told who to vote for because mega-donations and indirect “perks” are not only super pervasive all throughout American state and federal politics now thanks to Citizens United, but thousands and billions of dollars now manipulate American democracy—which is in reality NO democracy any longer, but simply bribes of government officials or pay-offs for them being obedient puppets. 😞

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  4. If you want I can try cheer you up… by doing my little dance routine and jiggling my boobs… well… I’ll have to cup and bunch them up a bit. But… I think I can make it work.

    I might also have to shave my chest. Which I am loathed to do… because I tried to shave my legs once… and almost bled to death in the bathtub. So you might get the fully follicle’d version.

    I still quite sexy though.

    I have no words of comfort though. It all sounds supremely messed up. Even here, at bottom end of deepest darkest Africa we seem to be doing better.

    Which is WEIRD. Because we don’t do ANYTHING better.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 😄 Thanks for the laugh Jo.

      It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the continent of Africa—and everything throughout recent history shows how horribly the Western Hemisphere has exploited Africa in so many atrocious ways—is doing things better than one of the most developed, advanced, wealthiest nations on the planet: USA.

      If we continue like this, business as usual(?)… we WILL eventually become a 3rd world country steeped in constant civil wars. Does that sound familiar Jo? 🙄

      Liked by 2 people

      • In all honesty… I often think we’re doing better by accident. Ha ha.

        Because really it makes zero sense to me. How can people that are so affluent… and broadly educated (well… when compared to other places in the world)… just be so bad at the basics of ‘menschkeit’ and looking out for each other.

        I don’t know. I mean we could poke at the reasons for it all day I guess. It makes me sad though… because the States was always the great experiment in freedom and liberty… and while it does so amazingly well in some facets… its almost like it loses its… ‘soul’ (for lack of a better word) in others.

        I don’t know. I just hope it ends well. I really want it to succeed.

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        • Basic needs for any living species is NOT real complicated if its environment (i.e. its essential food sources) is healthy and stable. When those sources fluctuate, particularly down, sparsely, typically the herd copes/adapts if allowed sufficient time and collaboration, right? Because our own basic needs for Homo sapiens are pretty minimal, then that also means there is PLENTY to go around. There is a ceiling of what we really need! Too much gets way too complicated! That’s not only the theory, the parameters, but it is also demonstrably true.

          The basic human anatomy all throughout evolution is perfectly designed to be not just Hunter-gatherers, but also brilliantly equipped for Eusociality and most aspects of Superorganism behavior for each other! We do NOT need excessive amounts of food or shelter or resources to thrive, to live happily. Period.

          And yet, to this day (after some 150,000 years of evolution) we still possess those awful genomes and behavior for selfish, proprietary, egocentric habits for solitude, power, control of others and resources that isolate, divide, and exclude others. In a word, GREED. We keep passing it down generation to generation, ad infinitum. 🙄

          As any financial investor worth their salt would advise you Jo, do NOT put all your eggs in one basket like the USA!!!! Diversify, diversify, DIVERSIFY on the cumulative brilliance of the planet! That’s your wisest path to avoid extinction Sir. 😉 😛

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  5. I am not sure where this country is going … looks like to hell in a handbasket! Hate to hear you are having issues and your neighbors are losing their only source of comfort…home. I am still kickin’ here in my hillbilly palace…but tis all rationed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • When they say “these are unprecedented times,” they are effin correct, aren’t they!? 😬🥺 When only 27% of the nation’s registered voters show up in November 2016 to make their voices heard as their civil duty and responsibility, THIS is what happens. 😢 Ignore the very core principles of democracy—freedom, liberty, equality, justice, and civil responsibility by all—and they will be stolen, distorted, or destroyed. Apathy cannot exist in a true democracy.

      Btw Bellalolabrigida, WELCOME! ❤️ I hope you come by often and share your thoughts, opinions, and give feedback. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Scottie! ❤️ I hope so too. I believe they will.

      Right now, I must obey doctor’s orders. I brought down my temperature yesterday and last night from 102° to 98.8° He said my blood-pressure is elevated, raising my hypertension level, and I am losing too much weight too quickly. 🙄 No wonder I never really enjoy going to the doctor, much less visiting someone in a hospital. 😒

      As they say… “This to shall pass.

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