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silver bulletsBecause it often seems a recurring topic of conversation both in person (in Texas) and on the internet-WordPress, I realized months ago I needed a sort of generic, exhaustive, refute to mainstream Christian (or religious) propaganda rampant and trifling across the internet/blogosphere with its often epic ignorance, so I would stop repeating myself. Primarily in historical arenas, but also logically, or cognitively, or philosophically, or theologically the general faulty or overly narrow-sighted history was often the same mistakes. I realized too that very brief 20-word or 50-word exchanges, or 10-15 minute exchanges with outspoken imposing Christians or religious zealots, had not been constructive or too positive. It was too frequent with the same historical content to new acquaintances and strangers, but also to some familiar names/faces weeks or months later. It became frustrating like a spinning broken record.

Therefore, similar to a silver-bullet or bullets, I have written this new page to be permanently on my Home page. A comprehensive, standing rebuttals, and an alternative verdicts page, helping re-educate or broaden(?), perhaps correct, the reasonable, moderate Conservatives of our Western Hemisphere, but particularly in the U.S. Maybe some radicals too could learn regarding what took place, or in some cases what most likely took place, in ancient Jerusalem, Judea, and the Levant and Fertile Crescent during those violent, critical first 4-5 centuries CE.

This is a colossal page because I wanted everything, all aspects of Christianity’s problems and failures to be hit in one fell swoop. But don’t freak out you busy, busy bees. For those of you who like smaller snack-size pieces due to strict time constraints, or interruptions, I’ll be posting this page in a series of multiple posts spread out over time so no brains overheat. 😉

balanced-scaleWhat was my motivation for such a massive project? At a bare minimum, I hope to encourage the excitable Christian to ask big questions, to ask lots of questions, and not just from one biased source or perspective, but all points of reference! I encourage them/you to do your own extensive legwork and homework. Then in 3-10 years genuinely re-examine your world-view. Make your own independent, highly informed choice. It took me more than 10-years to find all the most reliable unbiased sources to closely study. Why so long? You will uncover for yourself — if you honestly become a fair, progressing forensic investigator — that there is a never-ending amount of Christian-based and Seminary-sourced information available ad infinitum. In fact, it is so plentiful that accomplished and renown secular or non-Christian sources get utterly buried, suffocated, and almost silenced under the barrage. It’s uncanny really.

Nevertheless, most average Christians are unaware of these isolated, hard-to-find, Bible-challenging and refuting experts, science, and verified historical facts dismantling their religious faith-of-birth or adolescent choice for “Christ.” It is for these reasons, I have created my page Why Christianity Will Always Fail. It can be found on my Main Menu tab underneath My Library. Those valid truisms of the path of least resistence, or following the crowd should not be habitual. For anyone willing to be fair and objective regarding Christianity primarily, but Second Temple Judaism, theism and to a much lesser extent Islam, I hope this sizable wider-lens will provoke your own list of many questions to answer which for almost two millenia have not been asked and analyzed near enough in a variety of equitable ways.

Here’s to your free-thought and liberation.


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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