Upcoming: “Payments”

The plan was to finish and publish here my ongoing Excursion to Perversions series, number four to be precise, but instead things have taken a turn; a turn for a different perversion. A real-time perversion that some of my Followers have been waiting for a long time.

Since moving back to my home of Dallas, Texas, my alternative lifestyles have begun to pick back up, reacquainting with familiar faces, returning to where I had left off in my open-swinger lifestyle and SSC BDSM lifestyle. There is now a somewhat new married couple in our community and recently the three of us have become well-suited for particular scenes, kinks, and edge-play. The husband and I have invented one particular story in which the wife knows little about. *

These will be our twisted stories on her:  Payments. In the next day or two the first post will be published.

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As is customary here I do not make these posts public. For my regular kinksters who are interested in this new twisted tale, you know the drill. For any newcomers, you can request the Password for these private posts by going to the “Contact Me” menu tab up above and send me your request.

* Predisclosure — all participants involved with these acts are over 21-years of age and acting in full consent within and under Pre-scene Guidelines and completed Questionnaires disclosed to all, understood by all and agreed upon beforehand. All names and characterizations have been changed and/or modified.

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