Canaanites Killed & Removed From Native Lands

Modern day Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

This short blog was inspired by Silk over at her site Silk Road Visions – And Writings In the Sand.  The true finishing of this subject is at her WordPress blog — use the link provided below.

I have often wondered why after World War 2 the Allied powers removed the Palestinians to give their land to the Israelis, who had been homeless since, well your guess or research might be as good as mine.  Since about the 11th century BCE Israel has not existed as a nation as we define a nation today.  Hebrew-speaking people have been among the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Sassanians, and Byzantines subject to these empires, but during those many centuries they were not a kingdom with borders in the terms of today’s United Nations — for a quick overview:  Zionism and the British Mandate.

Why did the Israelis deserve their own nation with borders anymore than say….the Native American Indians?  America’s Manifest Destiny wasn’t too unlike Hitler’s “Final Solution” for the Jews.  Was it because of the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the Nazis?  Yes, the Jews suffered treatment as subhuman and put in concentration camps for systematic extermination by Hitler’s SS.  This is certainly a noble reason for the United States to fight and die in Europe — we did the same thing (well, in principle) in Iraq against Saddam Hussein in 2003 with Operation Iraqi Freedom.  President Hussein was known to have exterminated many of his Muslim enemies inside Iraq.  He had also  fought a long war against his neighbor Iran and those fellow Muslims.  However, I have always questioned WHY the United States does not do the same for other atrocities in any other nation around the world?  Point and case, the killing of Tibetans and the removal and exile of the Dali Lama by the Chinese communists.  Why didn’t we go to war against China for the sake of those Tibetans and their destroyed monasteries?  Was it because Tibet and Buddhism had no crude oil to supply the energy-hungry and booming victorious economies?  And if my religious biblical history serves me correctly, did not the land around Jerusalem belong to Canaan and its native people, and before them the Akkadians who took it from nomadic tribes in the 24th century BCE?

A volatile multi-relgious Jerusalem where everyone believes they belong there.

It seems to me that if the Western Hemisphere of nations (formerly under Greek then Roman rule historically) follow this U.N. logic, then the United States along with member nations of the U.N. must return lands taken by conquerors going back to pre-written languages BEFORE the “Bibles” of the Hebrews, Egyptians, Samaritans, and so on and so on, ad infinitum!  Indeed, at some point this logic becomes ludicrous and  is not a legitimate foundation anytime, anywhere.  More recently and more easily rectifiable the question becomes What justification did the non-Arab nations of the U.N. have to throw-out the Palestinians in 1947-1949?  I am very curious to read your thoughts and comments about this question and justification, or lack of justification.

As I mentioned at the outset, this blog was inspired by the wonderful blogger Silk at Silk Road Visions.  I strongly urge you to hop over there and read this excellent perspective on how in my humble view Western Imperial arrogance will always fuel radical jihadists, or simply sustain fragile relations with any Islamic nation.

The Karmic Wheel * America, Christianity and the State of Israel.

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