Reminiscing A Strange Village

All through high school and my first three years of college, I never really slept; not because of studies or partying but because one band, one drummer, and this one song were my dream-pill.  I couldn’t sleep because when my lights went off I would always push my stereo power-button on, lay down the vinyl LP “Hemispheres” on side two, find the fourth song (a 9 minute instrumental), put my huge earphones on, crank-up the volume then lay down in my bed and travel…transcendentally.  This was my pleasure, my drug-of-euphoria.  Astoundingly, even today this song takes me on wondrous journeys to faraway Strange Villages.

To aid you in our journey the song’s 12 sections are listed on the video as your guide.  There are no penalties if you choose to close your eyes and go it alone.  I recommend it.  Here is La Villa Strangiato by Rush.  Won’t you travel with me?

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