Connectivity — Part 1

Since 325 CE with the Greco-Romanization of Jewish Christians and 622 CE with followers of Muhammad (Islam) unifying in Yathrib (now considered Mecca), centuries perhaps millenniums of mankind’s natural connection to the spirit-world began being severed.  Up until those two particular dates in time, earth’s populations had a plethora of spiritual exercises and belief systems that often connected them purposely and intimately to their ancestral history; to their living dead.  To mankind’s detriment these very real gifts and abilities to connect to the non-physical, to the quantum field,  were systematically exterminated by oppressive religions.  Fortunately, and for the sake of thousands upon thousands of suffering families today, these ancient gifts and methods are still alive and well, and gradually finding their way back to their natural wide-spread acceptance in Western and Middle Eastern cultures.  I hope to be a small part of that rebirth with this post and my Blog.

Child psychologist Dr. Lisa Miller and an associate professor in Psychology and Education at Columbia University (Miller’s webpage at Columbia) has spent her clinical and teaching career advocating the reacceptance of paranormal gifts in American adolescents at risk for social ostracization by their peers and family members.  The Columbia University page explains that:

Cultures outside the U.S. – notably China and Mexico – embrace experiences such as visits from ancestor spirits and derive important psychological benefits from them.  In the U.S., however, Miller says, such experiences “are not supported by a system of meaning or an understanding of reality that’s widespread in our culture.

The work of Dr. Miller is seen on the A&E television series Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal where she and partner Chip Coffey, a well-known psychic himself, travel the country helping countless adolescents understand, accept, and then use their extraordinary gifts and not fear them, be labeled crazy, or worse…be treated as demonic vessels by religious zealots.  “Often children are quite depressed and confused by their experiences – not by the experience itself,” Miller explains “…but by the feedback they’ve gotten, whether in their own families or in the school setting.”  In one particular episode, the Miller-Coffey team helped three separate kids who didn’t know how to sort out their experiences.  Consequently, the three had become behavioral problems in their homes and schools.  Miller’s work helps stave off dangerous conditions of depression, substance abuse or dependence they would otherwise fall victim or use to cope.  Coffey and Miller were able to guide the three to the family of a son missing since 2001.  With their psychic abilities they brought closure and peace to the victimized family that local law enforcement or forensics could not have relieved.

Sadly or happily, depending on your frame of reference, adolescents are not the only age group wrongly defined by the American mainstream.  Adults with psychic-paranormal experiences can face the same type of societal ridicule.  The good news is — if I may borrow the popular church phrase — that over the last couple of decade’s law enforcement across the country have begun using psychic investigators to revitalize cold cases with remarkable success.  Gale St. John, Nancy Myer, Sue Nicholson, Valerie Morrison, Nancy Weber, Noreen Renier, Phil Jordan, Etta Smith, Annette Martin, Pascarella Downey, Laurie McQuary, Lauren Thibodeau, and the list could go on for several more pages but these named psychics have helped either break open cold cases or significantly contributed to the arrest and conviction of many missing or murdered people.  For the skeptics out there, many of these psychic investigators work for free or by donations only.  The scientific understanding behind these gifted paranormal experts possibly lies in the quickly progressing field of Quantum Mechanics.

Positive vs. Negative crystals

Many of us learned in high school chemistry classes about the Law of Conservation of Mass/Matter.  Developed in the mid-18th century by French chemist Antoine Lavoisier and contemporaries, this law states that elemental particles making up a solid, liquid, or gas are never lost or never created, but they can be rearranged.  When water boils, for example, if boiled long enough all the water will change into gas.  If all that rising gas were kept completely contained, the container of gas would weigh exactly the same as the original container of water.  It is the weight or volume of elements that never change despite their “new” forms.

Water has been the medium of Japanese photographer Dr. Masaru Emoto and his impressionable droplets.  Between Emoto and John Zimmerman, PhD of the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Institute their experiments have shown that our brain and body organs send electromagnetic waves measurable in water.  In Emoto’s microscopic photographs (seen above) he captures the difference between frozen water crystals surrounded by positive energy such as beautiful music, emotions of love or gratitude or happy thoughts, while also capturing frozen crystals surrounded by negative energy, i.e. the opposite of the aforementioned energy forms.  The difference between the frozen crystals is stunning.  The positively surrounded crystals clearly exhibit symmetry, balance, and relative beauty compared to the negatively surrounded crystals.  Additionally, and to Emoto’s credit, the Backster Effect collaborates this theorem: that plants or living species which have no apparent brain can also transmit electromagnetic waves.  Further reading of Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose’s findings is also well worth expanding one’s understanding of wave form.

Something physicists are attempting to understand is a theory Einstein tried to prove called the Uniform Field.  If this theory proves to be true or valid, it would be the field that connects all sub-atomic waves without requiring any constants of nature being present.  Make sense?  Yeah, I will try to elaborate further in the next blog: Connectivity — Part 2.

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