There’s a difference between wisdom and arrogance. There’s a difference between persuading and Machiavellian. There’s a difference between astute and reckless. There’s a big difference between a baboon and being human. Let’s not lose these distinctions gentlemen. “Refined and civilized” has a much brighter future than brutish and uncouth. Is this really so hard to understand? Men, must we step-up (again) to teach and defend human decency?

The men’s fashion company, Bonobos takes one of the earliest steps in this 1:30 promo for a gender-responsible organization to reverberate a more accepting, broader, and diverse representation of what it means to evolve masculinity. What are your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?


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One More Short Week!

We Are Outta Here, and We’re Not Waitin On Anyone!

You may not guess who is ready to pop a wheelie off of campus.  Better yet, according to most of our staff, it’s probably everyone that is ready to get the bus ‘outta here!  Four more days until that day:  School’s Out For Summer!  Then it’s some serious R&R before all the exams and professional development hours have to be done by July.  Grrrrrr.

Nonetheless, I do hope to post some over the next two and half months.  I emphasize HOPE however.  My summer is not exactly empty for frequent ‘adult times’…sadly.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my work; the challenges of Special Ed kids has its non-monotary rewards.  There are five of my 27 SpecEd students that are nothing like they were when they first arrived.  They are my poster-students, if you will, of success and works-in-progress.  I am so VERY proud of them!  Several others still have much work ahead of them, but show potential.  My 8th graders gave me a nice funny compliment yesterday.  They said that if they have to they “will fail 9th grade Social Studies just to get back in my class.”  They put a big smile on my face.

This short update blog, however, is just to let friends know that my 60 – 70 hour work weeks and weekends will soon be over.  I’m sure that I will be traveling between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to visit and ‘play, dance, and laugh’ (big grin).  I will indeed see all of you soon!