Summer Time

a-sweet-summertime At last the school year has ended and once again I find myself with a bit more free time.  More free to recharge batteries.  More free to reflect on what has been done, what needs refining, and what needs more attention in the future.  Free for more time to do things I enjoy doing for myself, like more blogging.  One summer project I am very excited about and looking forward to this June is watching every single game of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, cheering my two national teams:  USA and Brazil!

It is my hope that during these short two and a half months I will be able to post much more often than once a month.  With that said, I’d like to ask my followers — if they have not already and understandably forgotten about me — what they would like to know, or what subjects you would be interested in me writing about.  The floor is open, the mic is open; let me hear your suggestions or questions.  I shall do my best to accommodate… within reason naturally.


beach-soccer-brazilI will also do my best to catch-up with my many other blogging friends and their posts who I have unwillingly been absent!  My sincere apologies.  If anyone knows of a way to add MORE hours to a mere 24-hour day, please, I beg you tell me!  I have really missed blogging and reading and commenting with all of you this past school year.  Let’s reconnect!

Therefore, of my followers, is there or are there any subject(s) you would be interested in me writing about or discussing?  Anything at all.  If not, I should be posting with my next topic shortly.

Have a fantastic summer!  I plan to!

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One More Short Week!

We Are Outta Here, and We’re Not Waitin On Anyone!

You may not guess who is ready to pop a wheelie off of campus.  Better yet, according to most of our staff, it’s probably everyone that is ready to get the bus ‘outta here!  Four more days until that day:  School’s Out For Summer!  Then it’s some serious R&R before all the exams and professional development hours have to be done by July.  Grrrrrr.

Nonetheless, I do hope to post some over the next two and half months.  I emphasize HOPE however.  My summer is not exactly empty for frequent ‘adult times’…sadly.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my work; the challenges of Special Ed kids has its non-monotary rewards.  There are five of my 27 SpecEd students that are nothing like they were when they first arrived.  They are my poster-students, if you will, of success and works-in-progress.  I am so VERY proud of them!  Several others still have much work ahead of them, but show potential.  My 8th graders gave me a nice funny compliment yesterday.  They said that if they have to they “will fail 9th grade Social Studies just to get back in my class.”  They put a big smile on my face.

This short update blog, however, is just to let friends know that my 60 – 70 hour work weeks and weekends will soon be over.  I’m sure that I will be traveling between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to visit and ‘play, dance, and laugh’ (big grin).  I will indeed see all of you soon!