jonah-hill-shockThere are many many subjects I know nothing about; nothing of real significance that is, other than vague generalities and oversimplifications. For instance, I’m clueless about architecture and how to read a blueprint. I’m clueless about farming and how or when to plant certain crops, how to keep up the soil, when to harvest, etc. I’m also clueless about rugby or cricket and their rules! I’m clueless on how best to perform medical operations; I’m not a board certified doctor! There are many subjects I just don’t know enough about to carry-on any type of extended intelligent conversation!

So here are my questions to the cyber-world:

Is it wise to speak overtly, to be long-winded about things one knows very little or nothing about?

Why is it every two & four years — the American political cycle — everyone knows EVERYTHING about the dynamics of governing 319-million diverse people, or in my state of Texas 27-million, and are suddenly experts on ALL factors that effect people’s needs and wants and their current and future well-being? How do they have all the solutions!? What’s their secret? I want to know!

And now for some comic relief with much “truthiness”… 😀

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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Colbert Truthiness


SCANDAL is ROCKING the Republican Pledge-scape!

Colbert:  On the fourteen-point pledge [political] candidates have to first vow “Personal fidelity to my spouse.”  That is essential for candidates to have to swear to that one…cus that vow they said at their wedding?….BULLSH#T!


Michele Bachman’s husband’s Christian Counseling Center Cures Gayness!

Colbert:  Christianity is the best way to cure gayness!  Just get on your knees, take a swig of wine, and except the body of a man into your mouth!

For the July 12, 2011 episode in its hilarity, click on his picture.  His guest is sex-columnist Dan Savage discussing marriage and monogamy!  Do not miss it!